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Slow Lovin

Dec 20 2011 | BPM: 70.00 | Producer: Slantize
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37 Feedback

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Emotional pianos, inspirational violins, gentle bells, pizzicato strings, uplifting synths, light synths, and heavy bass pads with a reminiscent, romantic vibe over steady 808 drums.

Genres: Pop, R&B, Urban

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37 Feedback to “Slow Lovin”

  1. this cool

  2. ea Riiffaa

  3. dis beat slaps. i like it. check me out I GOT ON IT!!

  4. Yeaa its rlly nice beats !

  5. very very Good!


    like pleaseee

  7. this shit broke my heart…

  8. Damn.. Its so hard 2 cum across good music like this

  9. this is the most beautifull instrumental that i heard.this is magic,is eargasmic!!!!

  10. dam nice beat homie it made me cry awesome anyways i liked it

  11. Yo i love the beats u make man, when i heard this 1 i just had to record to it so here’s a link to the song i did 4 this, hope u like, thanx(:

    @kid-villero, can you kindly share with me the beat,it really touched me sodeeply and I would like to write a song using it

  12. jecaa

  13. Like it

  14. na kolędę może by i było dobre eh…

  15. Dope man. Sentimental as always.

  16. yoh slantize, dude u the best beat maker in the world. blive me..

  17. Damn, I was all excited when I seen a new beat by Slantize up.. I dunno what to say.. U been on hiatus for a minute n I dunno.. I’m just not feeling it like your old shit.. I mean, its good.. The everything is put together nicely but it seems off to me.. I guess it must be the mixing like u said.. Dunno, I didn’t really like this beat at first to be honest.. But the more I listen it grows on me.. Honest feedback


  19. slant dope beat here man ..! alos hit me with the tracks to selfish you already paid for seperation.

    @KomplexKai2012, ooo totally forgot that was my beat… alright man lemme separate that for u the day after xmas here with the family… im not even at my own pc

  20. thanks for all the awesome comments tho, everyone

  21. damn i just realized i mixed the snare too loud, and the highs too high, especially on the hats…. oh well…. ill retouch this beat after xmas or something

    @Slantize, can I kindly get the beat if you don’t mind, I will be greatful

  22. This is sick!!! Love the instruments, well put together, masterpiece!

  23. My wonderful loving grandmother passed away 2 years ago after 101 years on this earth and this track immediately made me think of her. Tears are a good thing and this is a very emotional song. Great job Slantize. Thanks for doing what you do. God has blessed you to touch others.

  24. For some reason, i can picture loose cannon on this haha

  25. Slantize wanted you to know that you have done a very good job on this track. I have some plans with this one. I am working on 2 other songs in the studio however i will for sure buy a license for this track. Keep up the good work. I have recorded to a few of your tracks in the past.

  26. I want to have your babies!

    @john gee, This bastard doesn’t pay child support.

    @john gee, I want to have his babies too rofl jkkkk whats up homes?

    @ADP, Nothing much…. just carrying around the seed of Slant and eating cake.

  27. back wita bang! i love this beat has an oldie feel to it great piano melody

  28. i’ts cool

  29. dopppee beaaat (: made my rhymmes sound that much better! ha

  30. damn this da shit i been cravin. where u been dawg, i been on the lookout for ya masterpieces

  31. hook is ill

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