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Maybe If I Were Perfect

Dec 22 2011 | BPM: 106.00 | Producer: Adamack
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29 Feedback

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Sad yet hopeful beat with emotional piano, uplifting synths, inspirational electric guitars, light choir pads, and a bridge breakdown leading into the final chorus over light 808 drums.

Genres: Pop, R&B, Urban

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29 Feedback to “Maybe If I Were Perfect”

  1. Loved this track, heard it last 2 years back.. searched whole web to get here again.. :D love it

  2. Hi Adamack! Really nice beat. Like many of your beats but this one is really nice! I have put on swedish lyrics and song on it ;) i usually dont put my voice on others beats but this one was great so i did :) We will do a video on this song and its free to dowload the song cuz we dont got a licence! But i thinking that we need one ;) if you wanna hear it just ask me and i send it to you :)

  3. Adamack I literally love you and all your music … I dropped a tear when I listened to this … Your pop club beats Are like the best and most unique in Shadowville … Hope I will meet you some day …

  4. Adamack I literally love you and all your music … I dropped a tear when I listened to this … Your pop club beats Are like the best and most unique in Shadowville … Hope I can meet you some day …


    hope you like it :)

  6. Loving this SO SO much, i’m in the process of recording to it…it brought out exactly what I needed to get off my chest. Thank you a million times over.

    @mizzsoulja, That’s among the best compliments a producer can receive - when his/her beats can bring out the emotion of an artist. Thank you so much!

  7. i think if u made a hook to go with this beat itwill be even more perfect

    @djkootah, Actually in the process of getting one! I remembered you mentioned this, and I found a guy who I think would be good for it. I will upload it asap…Thank you!


    like pleaseeee

    @wdsgroup, i will if you like mine back

  9. Thanks everyone for your inspiration!!!

    @Adamack, Do you have an email address?

    @tdwashingtonjr, Yes, it is

  10. Wow amazing! I have no clue how you can come up with so many piano lines that are so perfect but so unique in there own ways keep it up man!

  11. Simply Awesome.. Just love it.. Soon i’ll make a short video for this beat.. hope u’ll like it.. and once again.. Its Awesome.. ad visit this too

  12. Its a nice beat but to slow cant you not faster this beat?

  13. Bet minus soz yok respect

  14. VeRy VeRy AWESOME!!!!

  15. it made me want to write a song to my girl

  16. Shadowville check out my video my best work ever i’m proud HOPE U ENJOY!!! #1 You #2 FRG #3

  17. nice. its very nice beat. i ony say nice

  18. Oh Adamack what took u sooo long HI5 man. great comeback
    waiting for more masterpieces!!

  19. I hope you reply to this cause I really want to know. Is it okay if I use this beat with my original lyrics and put it on a cd to send to labels as my demo?

  20. Now, without sinima, for me you and allrounda are the only ones who keep standing up shadowville, i hope someday i’ll be a part of it. Keep workings up, it’s a pleasure to listen your beats. Happy Holidays you too.
    Oh, another thing, please visit my soundclick page, and tell me what you think. For me it’s very important your opinion. Good Luck!

  21. Good job man, i’m glad you’re back.

    @georgybeats, Thanks so much man. I took a little 2 month haitus for some traveling and taking a breather. New stuff coming very soon!! Happy Holidays.

  22. Amazing!

    @d-train, Thanks so much, very glad you like it!

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