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Been Thru (With Hook)

Dec 26 2011 | BPM: 68.00 | Producer: Nine Diamond
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15 Feedback

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Emotional, deep piano with mellow strings and soft pads over smooth, slow drums. Hook by Joint Inc.

Genres: East Coast, R&B, Urban

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15 Feedback to “Been Thru (With Hook)”

  1. sickass hook n beat

  2. hello .. i dont speak english please nine diamond lyrics

    @tsilivri, watch this


  4. man i love it allready leased it from you bro 2012 gonna bring some hits

    @semimoto, watch this

  5. love this shit bro.

  6. “Neutralizer” by JAD:
    2md single from JAD’s 11th studio album “Just Another Dream”

  7. Shadowville check out my video my best work ever i’m proud HOPE U ENJOY!!! #1 You #2 FRG #3

  8. its raw but again..youre still tagging the hell out of it man..its annoying. Leave the tag for the end..that why people can use it mixtapes..youre still getting the credit so why tag the hell out of it? youre raw but you need to stop over tagging youre beats..thats what kills it.

    @h-p, if you buy a lease its tag free:) its super easy and you get the beat TAGFREE and CAN SELL UNITS quit crying bout tags

    @semimoto, tags is fine as long as it doesnt COMPLETELY overpower a beat. i.e atomic beats or 2deep have tags but the beat is still listenable

  9. killed it good job

  10. Simply amazing! 5/5

  11. Tight as fuck. 5/5 really dig the hook an the beat is perfect.

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