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You're No Longer There (With Hook)

Jan 13 2012 | BPM: 90.00 | Producer: hala-X
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18 Feedback

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Chopped up pianos over east coast drums with sampled vocals on the chorus.

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18 Feedback to “You're No Longer There (With Hook)”



  3. Awesome beat! anyway you could post without hook?

    @evanlopez87, Yeah, it should be posted soon.

  4. Crazy Dope.

  5. My love for rap has awaken once again!

  6. I don’t know why I don’t comment on more of your work, I think I’d waste so much time writing long, thought out paragraphs about each piece, though. I’d have no time to do anything else.
    The way you do such simple samples is really great. It feels you always place the words just so, in such a way, to only add to the beat itself.
    I’ve been tempted for some time to make a mix-tape with beats solely produced by you.

    @symetrik, Be my guest. And thanks,

  7. I swear you can not make a bad beat!!

    @redcon, Oh but I do. You just dont hear ‘em lol.

    @redcon, agree

  8. Hi, you have this beat without Hook? Its maybe better

    @shizzo90, Its already posted.

  9. Really great beat man! 5/5

  10. wats the sample from bro???…..btw 5/5

    @MurrmDizz, n/m figured it out. it was on the tip of my tongue….. Editors - The Racing Rats

    @MurrmDizz, Yup.

    @hala-X, the more i listen this beat the more i fall in love with it….i swear there isn’t a beat of yours i don’t like

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