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50 Keys

Feb 01 2012 | BPM: 90.00 | Producer: hala-X
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Dark, mysterious, and catchy synth arpeggios and leads over steady drums.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Frantic

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56 Feedback to “50 Keys”

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  47. just bought the basic liscence of this beat.. gonna try and get it on the radio.. whats your email so i can send you a copy of this once complete.. were making it a killer bee track.. im at peace and blessings

  48. I made a cold Wu-Tang killer bee track feat Cappadonna Born Divine and a couple other killer bees on it from our click thebetterlifemovementcanada a sister company of the keller bees.. I want to know If you would be interested in producing an Album for us.. We can Discuss the cream on the phone… Im at or hit me up at 613 340-4067 thats my celly.. peace G.. 1

  49. awesum

  50. best beat ever hala u r music man

  51. yoo hala ima do sum rappin over your shit…

    check my shit out…any feedback or criticism would be appreciated

  52. this is fuckin ill

  53. Hala, masz konto na YT ?

  54. CRACK, keep it up much love

  55. g-shit..

  56. Dope beat.Keep up the great work!

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