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Twerk Team

Feb 02 2012 | BPM: 72.00 | Producer: Beatg33kz
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13 Feedback

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Sinister club track with brass stabs and catchy silly synths and heavy bass and 808 drums.

Genres: Club, Dirty South

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13 Feedback to “Twerk Team”

  1. Prednisone Hdadqs

  2. SOLD

  3. Great beat ; im looking for ay producer i been on here like ay week at the most & i wrote to like 4 of ya beats ; where you from ?

    @brandonjames23, Dallas

    @Beatg33kz, whats up dude ?

    @brandonjames23, i was born in houston ; but now i stay in houston uhm you should hear me & my cousin rap or freestyle .

  4. same damn song you always post, make something new and different like jeeeesuuus chriiiissttt you and tristan both do the same shit EVERY SINGLE TIME

    @drunkandhigh247, same damn comment you always post, say something new and different like jeeeesuuus chriiiissttt you do the same shit EVERY SINGLE TIME

    @drunkandhigh247, i want you to answer this question honestly…do you spend money on this site? If the answer is yes, then i thank you. If your answer is No, then i suggest you eat a dick and die in a fire. Judging by the fact that you want us to know you are both drunk and high 24/7, i think it’s safe to say you’re a fucking loser, and a douchebag…. not to mention a troll who i’d be willing to bet spends his weekends screaming into a cheap microphone pretending he has even a cunt hair of musical ability.

    Post 1 song you’ve recorded, i dare you.

    @Beatg33kz, Its funny that you think I make names on the internet seriously, its a stupid account name because i HAD to make one — you had some good shit but like tristan you have started making the same songs with the same feel. You get too mad about criticism. Calm the fuck down and grow up. Pandaswangordie.tumblr I can send newer stuff directly to ya. “I dare you” looooooool suck me off

    @drunkandhigh247, i don’t get mad, i just happen to be one of the few on here who will respond to bullshit comments like the one you made above. Thanks for answering my initial question though (or not). I’ll take that as a No.

    @Beatg33kz, this is a comment he left to one of my beats:

    Hey guy, turn the fucking shit down during a verse. The verse is the best part of this beat and you fucking ruin it with symbols and loud shit every other measure. I can’t clip it because of that stupid shit, thanks for ruining a great song and killing music fuck you

    Id say dont waste your time bro, You already know that your beats are crack haha

    @Ear 2 Tha Beat, its the truth! Beatg33kz you do have fire beats I just think you maybe need diff software? just a new sound, and lol Slantize

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