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Around The World

Feb 07 2012 | BPM: 120.00 | Producer: Nine Diamond
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9 Feedback

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Atmospheric, mellow pads and plucked synths with a smooth emotional vibe over soft and laid back percussion.

Moods: Happy, Relaxed
Genres: R&B, Urban

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9 Feedback to “Around The World”

  1. Mr. Nine Diamond, i must be real with you for one monent if you can level with me we all can benifit, yourself included,. your tag about chewing bublegum and what not, i think you should drop it an keep it simple like just “ninee Diamond” because as an artist i like to try beats out with songs and get an audiances point of view and your tag is to much so i don’t even bother with your beats because of it i think if you simplified your tag many more artists would experement with your beats and you would in turn get more purchases or lisences, i hope you consider this deeply and possibly re-release some of your other beats like this one with a simpler tag, thank you for your time and consideration. x

  2. Sensual romantic style instrumental, wrote a sweet pop love song to it. Thanks for the inspiration and musical muse Neil Diamond:) Cool Composition!!!

  3. Another year every beat will be an entire tag with background music haha. Beat’s great though.

  4. Nice vibe, different from what you usually do. I like it. But hell, Shadowville needs to start moderating comments regarding tags…

  5. Ani qy shqiptari e paska qit ni video tju dok vetja artist, a nuk pe nin zanin e tan tkillaft ? ku do me shku me at za, nalu ma mir se sa e ban vetin both para njerzeve…ka njet sene shum ma trendesishme se sa muzika mos e hup kohen palidhje…

  6. Smooth beat but it is in need of mastering. The highs and mids of the overall track need to come up. JMHO.

  7. Love the beat but the tags are the reason why I don’t download nine diamond free to try it out

  8. Good beat, but tags in the middle of the verses are too much…

  9. watch thiss

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