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Fading Moments

Feb 26 2012 | BPM: 86.00 | Producer: Dansonn
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24 Feedback

No longer available for download.Play Now

Sad inspiring piano beat with strong orchestral vibe of strings and choirs over steady underground drums.

Moods: Epic, Inspiring, Sad

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24 Feedback to “Fading Moments”

  1. nothing special

  2. i think this is your best beat !

  3. superrr

  4. Sickest beat on here…Make something similar again please because it’s unavailable to download..

  5. great beat Dansonn!!

  6. hands down best beat on here,

  7. Loving this

  8. really nice,welcome to shadowville,im here to see ur next great works lol

  9. Dansonn… I’m excited about your bits. Very good producer! Most applause for you!!

  10. damn…. welcome to shadowville man im impressed. great producer!!!

  11. Dansonn welcome … we need to R&B beat please…

  12. been a huge fan of Dansonn. Glad to see him on Shadowville. We needed him on here. lol, welcome anyways Dansonn!

  13. Dansonn it’s such a beautiful beat and melody that you would make way more money just licensing it un exclusively for the time being and make a better return. Just some food for tought. Its entrancing! sad but hopeful and beautiful! try it and you will se that it will be more profitable for you.

  14. Yes, licensed beats are untagged

    @Dansonn, could I possibly have this beat for free? I’m hopefully going into a studio sometime in March, and I don’t have a credit card (with money)…

    @Dansonn, Awesome. Expect some money on Friday/Saturday. :p

  15. I get paid on Friday. Going to buy exclusive rights to this on Friday. Do I get a copy without the beat stamp if I do? I can still give credits in the book when I finally finish the album and press it up.

  16. Haha I get that a lot, it’s all good. Thanks though, I really appreciate it!

  17. Welcome to the site. When I was listening to Summer Nights and you came on and said “Dansonn on the beat”, I thought you said “dancin’ on the beach”…. lol You sound like you can really add some new flavor on SV and I wish you the best. Mad props to you.

  18. Yo I’ma make a mixtape using only your beats!

  19. This beat rulesz!!

  20. Haha for sure man I remember. It’s been awhile but it’s amazing I’m finally on =). Big shout out to Slant!

  21. DANSONN U FINALLY MADE IT … MOTHERFUCKER.. i hope u remember me man :) ahahhaha… loved it.. seeing u with the shadowville peeps.. the struggle paid off

  22. you are F*CKING AWSOME
    greez from the netherlands

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