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In This Moment (With Hook)

Feb 28 2012 | BPM: 73.00 | Producer: Atomic Beats
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32 Feedback

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Slow emotional beat with inspirational piano and strings over hip hop drums. Hook by Ashleigh Munn. Produced by Mart85.

Moods: Inspiring, Sad
Genres: East Coast, R&B, Urban

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32 Feedback to “In This Moment (With Hook)”


  2. Hi this is t dot viera again, I cant help myself. I also wrote to this track as well. This is my anniversary gift to my husband, you will love what I did to this. Hit us up if you will like to hear it. Manager nmae is rick, again my nmae is t dot viera. Stay blessed.

  3. I’mma start off with this beat! <3 it!

  4. this beat is what ii need.
    Niice work.! (Y)

  5. … There’s what I made

  6. Workin’ something up right now, i’ll send it to your email if youre interested in hearing it, I don’t disappoint, inbox me your email

  7. can i have a lyrics of this beats ? think you

    @diroch, In this moment me and you could
    Fly around the sun and land on the moon
    Watch the world turn as you look down from above
    In this moment I feel so in love

  8. Hey great track. I recorded my vocals over it here:

  9. just got this beat!! awesome work.. who is the female vocalist so i can give her recognition for the hook.. im at thank you

  10. i didn’t understand the last word she sings in the hook ??? Can anyone plz help me out here.

    @sharjil85, “in this moment I feel so in love”… hope that helped!

  11. Love it.. good hook too

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  13. Sounds like something Emminem would kill. I like it 30 seconds in. Great work.

  14. hey man can i use this hook in my version?

    @notforsakenchristianbeats, I’m not too sure what you mean, but the hook is part of the beat, so yeah you can use it. I mean, the same “rules” apply for this beat with hook as any other beat.

  15. this beat is really going in atomic on top

  16. great beat.

  17. u have done it again
    imma make u proud

  18. Increible,la uso con tu permiso.

  19. Ive been listning to the beat for a few days, it’s really great. Ashleigh Munn has a really nice voice… i hope to hear more beats from you soon

  20. I bought a blanket license on this track and straight destroyed it . This beat is fire + laced with the realest lyrics I’ve ever written —coming together to produce a song nothing short of incredible. Mad props on making this canvas for me to paint on. Check out my new album ” Lyrical Warfare” dropping 4/20/12 , I named the song “This Moment” , ill send you a copy of the song when it drops. I look forward to doing a lot more business with you in the future.

    1 love.

    Suga Jon aka Daviine


  21. nice beat man. i like oyur beats. keep it up. and plz teach me how to compose a beat.

  22. Hell yeah great instrumental Atomic Beats. I’m happy you keep using Ashleigh Munn on the hook, I like her voice!

    Lyrics On Hook:

    In this moment me and you could
    Fly around the sun and land on the moon
    Watch the world turn as you look down from above
    In this moment I feel so in love

  23. Big fan of atomic beats, this one goes hard. Props.

  24. ayo this jawn is sick as all hell!!!!

    @bulistik70, thanks!

  25. really good job!

  26. Fresh as usual, keep it up.

  27. Sounds good. I am feeling this. I think you should make the tempo faster. If i decide to record to this i will speed it up allot more. I have a good song that flows with this i wrote however i will have to speed up the tempo at the studio. Good job on this… Keep up the good work.

    @rapperjimmyjames, thanks. Yeah, feel free to speed up the beat as you want. We like the tempo of the track the way it is, but if you prefer to make it faster, it’s cool.

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