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The Lights (With Hook)

Feb 29 2012 | BPM: 54.00 | Producer: Nine Diamond
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10 Feedback

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Deep and emotional track with piano, deep bass, soft synth lead, and string plucks over slow, light drums. Hook by Joint Inc.

Genres: R&B, Urban

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10 Feedback to “The Lights (With Hook)”

  1. Error 523 [url=]origin is unreachable[/url]

  2. can u tell me please what athe hook says? :D

  3. i really would like this , signing with interscope records next june . contact me 504 -541- 6805

  4. let me just start off by sayin i love ur beats i wish i could use em but when u use ur name u know the part were u say u chew bubble gum or whatever it is u say is to long it goes into the verse to much it would b alright if it was just ur name…

  5. watch this

  6. This is one nice fucking beat mann and the hook… omg.. hella raw bro keep doing what you do cause yo shit is is fucking AMAZING!!!!!!! ^_^

  7. i do not understand fully the lyrics. can anybody tell me all of them? thx.


    they said id never make it
    i was livin in a dream

    they told me i was crazy
    thats pure insanity

    the lights are flashing
    this life got me cathcin a desease
    but none of it matters to me

    i got the lights flashing
    but i keep myself at 98 degrees
    cuz none of it really matters to me


  9. dope track fam!

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