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Buckin 'Em Down (With Hook)

Mar 01 2012 | BPM: 70.00 | Producer: hala-X
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13 Feedback

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Soft trumpet, piano, and chopped up strings over slow underground drums. Vocal scratches on the hook.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Sad

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13 Feedback to “Buckin 'Em Down (With Hook)”

  1. rewelacyjna nuta :D

  2. Imma Kill this. Thanks

    Merry xmas to YOU too.. haha

  3. this is a ill beat

  4. the hook is sick as fuck

  5. I haven’t heard a beat this good in a long fuckin time.This is incredible. 5/5


  6. Hala-X man yo oldschool style is what i like man epsecialy this this beat right here man i like badass hook with it too…i love it man… keep’em comin cuz yo shit bangs ^_^

  7. This one is for all my underground hip hop heads. Hope theres still many of y’all here even though shifted a bit into more mainstram direction. LEMME HEAR YA!

  8. Yes Pawel ,best one :) long time waited for ur good production like ages ago :) amazin beat 6+ / 5
    Keep goin with it ,make oldschool shit coz thats the musics treasure :)

    @batmen, Thats just the begining.

  9. damn im feelin this stuff when it played i just had so many lyrics naturally flowin in my head, even though this aint my normal style. great beat 6/5

  10. watch this

  11. Its very cool!!!!!!

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