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Mar 14 2012 | BPM: 76.95 | Producer: Adamack
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18 Feedback

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Very simple yet relaxing beat with strings, piano, synths, atmopsheric pads, and 808 drums which builds up to a fuller hook.

Moods: Relaxed, Sad
Genres: R&B, Urban

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18 Feedback to “Music”

  1. this shit fire and This ya boy DMC and listen to my boy zone16 on youtube and get the beats from my boy Don Coda yea!!!

  2. Hot beat. Flows… tells a story on it’s own. I’m an author, screenwriter, poet, lyricist ad songwriter… and anyone who can get their hands on this exclusively better do it justice.

  3. *Inspiration

  4. I really love this beat. I’m a college student majoring in creative writing with a film emphasis and this beat inspired me to write a new script. It also inspired me to write a poem, song and monolounge. I love it. I wish i could download it so I can be in peace as I write my hetic scripts. If you can, please make it avaiable or can you please send it to my email –>
    You are amazing.
    Thank you for the inspirtation.

  5. man why this beat’s unavailable…..i loved it…..tell me how can i download it……

    plz send it on my email id:

  6. make another like this..#swag

  7. very nice, this felt like it was for the ladies so thats what i did.

  8. check out what I did to this!

  9. Adamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack man, been listenin 2 ur beats 4 ages bro, but dat 1 just took ur level hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigher in de sky and just gave me a really big inspiration 4 my nxt music video, keep it up and soon I’ll post u my music video by ur beat lol

  10. I listened once, wrote a verse the second time. Very soulful beat, theres a calibre of topics you could write about on this.. Do you have any similar beats in terms of mood and atmosphere?

  11. this track is sexy.. any female wld love a song to this

  12. Amazing track … got an instant idea..been a fan dor awhile .. keep makin hits.

  13. it’s toooo relaxing.. how I need it these days!! thank you ADAMACK

  14. creative name ;) haha anyways great beat adamack i can see this as a movie soundtrack….

    @eminemfan152, Haha, yeah I was up for days thinking about this incredibly creative beat title. In all seriousness though, I think this is my lowest rated beat ever lol. I’ll drop something hotter soon to make up for it.

  15. Thanks both! I actually wasn’t going to even post it because of its simplicity, but I figured it would give the artist a chance to really display his or her talent.

  16. This beat is so emotional and inspiring.

  17. me likes mang

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