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Touch The Sky

Mar 23 2010 | BPM: 91 | Producer: 2Deep
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29 Feedback

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Soulful joint with smooth wah guitars, vocal ooo’s, and pianos.

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29 Feedback to “Touch The Sky”

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  2. Saludos desde Venezuela… Me preguntaba si hay alguna oportunidad de obtener este beat ? Exelente trabajo al crearlo 2deep felicitaciones…

  3. omg i need this beat!!!!!!

  4. I want this really hard please send it to me to

  5. Lyrics of the hook :
    “Birds, flying high, almost touch the sky”
    Absolutely amazing by the way. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a lot 2Deep for making these perfect beats.

  6. Yo sick beat - I dropped a track on this one check it out at
    scroll down to the bottom of my tracks.
    Keep em coming!



  8. Great touch to the modern and past time combo. Beats like this are genuine. Nice beat man.

  9. i like that my nigga very good melody

  10. 2deep thank alot for your beats its help me
    mad rhymes

  11. 2deep your shit is killin me lol i hope to see you with your beats in the top of beats makers in the all world

  12. Shit man, this stuff is dope! We need to collab man

    Tell me what you think homie!

  13. yo 2deep is the truth. Im on you dude. Get at me Nitty Suggs of Deepfreeze

  14. Ahh it’s cool but I don’t like the static fuzz stuff thats on the snare I notice a lot of underground beats have that. But I personally think that made it sound bad 3/5 But besides that it’s a great beat.

  15. sorry my english is not very good, can any one tell me what the hook say?

  16. Just…amazing. Damn, I need to give it a try, keep it up, these kind of beats are the best ones.

  17. no offence but ur not one of my favorite dj’s but congrats this beat is very good nice man….5/5

  18. nice

  19. Solid.. I love it. 5/5

  20. Love this beat, but wish it didn’t have the hook in it even tho im feeling the vibe it gots i rather do my own hooks.

  21. Dope man, DOPE!

  22. 5/5 Gr8 beat
    you’r the best beatmaker here :o :o

  23. Was sampled from the soundtrack to Hell up in Harlem for those wondering :)

  24. hehe, poor and righteous teachers - gods, earths, and 85ers :D i knew this sample was familliar… anyways, good work man ;)

  25. it’s different. that’s what sets it apart. it’s not too complex either. some producers throw every instrument in there to try and make it sound good, the real producers can make a simple beat, amazing. and, thats what this is. props 2 Deep. Been a fan for a long time. 5/5

  26. Best beat I have heard in ages! Gotta do more man!

  27. 2Deep u smashed it with this one!.. U shudda been out in the Golden age of the 90’s u wudda been propa famous by now man!..

    I deffo downloading this before some1 buys this shit lool

  28. 2Deep is still one of my fav producers and this beat is a solid example of why. The deepness behind this is incredible.

  29. This is hella sick my man! good beat for freestyles i like it!

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