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Apr 12 2012 | BPM: 83.00 | Producer: Dansonn
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14 Feedback

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Deep inspiring piano layered with organs, accompanied by powerful moving orchestral strings and a solo trumpets.

Genres: East Coast

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14 Feedback to “Hometown”

  1. Priligy

  2. Good


  4. like the remix off of yelawolf n big krit. actually redhooknoodles orignally made the beat. its called hard life n on youtube. now adele yelawolf n u have remixed it. good stuff

  5. Nice

  6. why dontchu try to make a j.cole type of beat!? something like HiiiPower or Rigarmortis!

  7. Nice

  8. DANNSONN YOU SIR. MAKE AWSOME BEATS , every beat from you i hear i just wanna rap on them they are so good , the musical composition from your beats comes from your soul and make me feel those beats , and give me some kinda of energy to write and sing on them … to be honest i dont know what i am talking about , i just wanna keep hear all your beats i am following your work with really attention , it is a really good inspiration , i have no words i am addicted to your beats.

  9. Hi Dansonn,

    I really like this beat man, how much are you looking to sell it for? Please give me a final price as i believe that when it comes to art their should be no negotiation. So just ONE FINAL Price please.


  10. one of the illest beats on hear man great job! im laying some verses on it right now - Webster

  11. I love this beat!
    Where did you get the sample ?

    @pomy87, All of my beats are sample-free and 100% original compositions =)

    @Dansonn, Then it’s a great job, keep it up!

    @Dansonn, ghét nhất chú cứ đọc Dansonn beat ý chú ko đọc thì có phải cái beat hay bao nhiêu ko

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