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Up All Night

Apr 15 2012 | BPM: 60.00 | Producer: Beatg33kz
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15 Feedback

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Soothing synths, pads, and piano with a catchy lead synth and gritty 808 drums.

Moods: Happy, Relaxed
Genres: Dirty South, R&B

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15 Feedback to “Up All Night”

  1. Who has this beat??..??

  2. diz isz a badd ass beat. imma do a song to it and show you it. i been listening to your beats for a while now amd man you got some talent. if i ever get big i swear you gone be my #1 beat producer. get at me PLZ!. ill send you a couple songs ive done.

    @yglocc, email thank you

    @Beatg33kz, bet.

  3. baddass Son, this shit is nice. hella swag. could be a babymaker if handled properly haha (:

  4. Hey, did a little quick something to this beat and I thought it turned out nicely. I always like to get the opinion of the artist who created it though, so I emailed you a preview of what I’m thinking about doing to it for your feedback. Thanks :)

  5. yo, please check out my song to this beat…. i kept the same title. it was a good topic. its in the contest and on youtube. look up, “Up All Night” by cody

    u still have this beat

  6. Amazing…I’ll be dropping a track feat this AWESOME beat summer/fall EP

  7. smooth ass beat..but when did you get Ken Kennif to do ur tags????????

    @cino franklin, lol I met him in connecticut. We got a hotel room together

  8. a man i fuckin love ever beat u put on shadowville. i just wanna no if u would can make beats to a song if i spit it to ya. hit me up real shit

    @kuntryboycouncil, you can send me an acapella with tempo to

  9. bel beat!

  10. really diggin this i like the style switchup todd

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