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Rock Star

Jun 11 2012 | BPM: 75.00 | Producer: Adamack
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13 Feedback

No longer available for download.Play Now

Rock beat that could also be rapped on with live drums, lots of electric guitars, and an orchestral section for the hook. Includes bridge section leading back into epic hook.

Moods: Epic, Inspiring
Genres: Pop

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13 Feedback to “Rock Star”

  1. Nice

  2. OMG!! Please please please can you make this beat available again. My producer and the rest of the fam heard the demo i did for this song and they really think it could shake things up on my album. Please do me this solid and make it available just for a day or so, please. We will confirm that we have purchased it. Thank you so much for doing this for me.

  3. really stunning ….. i’ m a big fan of your works from Egypt….

  4. I’d buy it if you did a more upbeat version of it :-)

  5. I bouhgt the beat but i can’t to download de track separation. It say “Processing (86 days)”. WHY?

  6. I did a song to this beat on youtube “The Best” by Matt Butler check it out if you get a chance.


  8. You have no idea how much I love this! I spent alot of time with it, put my twist on it and would like you to have a listen! Please keep beats like this coming! I am interested in purchasing the license for it…but for now I am having fun. Your my favorite producer on! I have played with alot of your songs and posted them on but not for profit. Music/Lyric writing is my therapy =) here is my link:

  9. Thanks everyone for the positive feedback. Honestly had no idea how this would be received. But I am really happy with the response. Thank you!!!

  10. check out my song on youtube …..

  11. Great beat,very epic.

  12. Wow love the beat! so much you can do with it! call me a fool… but.. I can’t see where the chorus and verses are in the beat. anyone? any help? haha

  13. Matt Butler ยท Lebanon High School

    Fucking Music to my ears, this is what the fuck I’m talking about. Damn you guys keeping me busy I am going to murder this. I know it’s a good beat when I don’t bother lookin at the beats below this. I’m sure there good just hooked on this one for now.

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