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Candle In The Night

Jun 19 2012 | BPM: 82.00 | Producer: Evelution
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5 Feedback

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Moving strings with guitar, piano, and pad over deep hip hop drums.

Genres: Pop, R&B, Urban

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5 Feedback to “Candle In The Night”

  1. Truly a Beauty, proven right
    moving time with her mind.
    Mind on sight stet, flight
    A busy bee working up a hurting at night
    Stings they get flirting up her skirting Damn right
    A flashing for the banging, fashion for the aiming.
    Work her up to see, it’s usually a movie on me
    Willy to deal E, pilly out the Lillie route
    Pollinate a doll, Work her up heavens hall ball in the gates of a call girl
    welcome up highcall I fate I rate it Irate
    I wish a fool to rule with the use of your tools jewelry a fool a me pearly be earlyBeauty you Sit in the mirror, lovely Lady please come here to appear…
    I Drug the witnesses with my Ugliness
    let my ear hear of it
    the fear of my mug
    I’m mean mean mugging
    the whole scene
    One big shit pit
    Shovel it dig this thug
    Snug the plug
    Hug the rug
    split decision win me over with sin

    Flow for a go go urr so I know Why You here Oh so Cray I go… Oh dear I hear the mirror will glow… caution your fear for them show….. Signs of where to go… Blind as she steers me near … Here ye… here ye… Mean wit it go… Mug on my grill so Scrill will grow… Glittery flashes of memory dashes To the rear of what you use to prove… love a Loss you off the sauce, notch of top…scotchDo it to them dummiesnice and slow… Go Slice the price low… Go go get the freaks… To eat it up… victory I keep up to beat picture me on cut bleeding out a few who needed a feeding stand reading an and I made them understand I demand The road home a drug load full of thugs and girls on acid I have flown… NASA to spawn…. Rapture after dawn…Speak it up… A Don Twice as chron on drill to trap the trill real cheap 3 for 1 seats… Chop it down so much I found a Loss of life… a good spot for a hot knife… Try a slice… Dice up… Ice in my lunch… I’m cut for the go… I Get it up hitting licks on yo best for show…
    Attack on crack slow… Wax the tract pro… Stats fact grow… Cat’s attract scratch… Dough dee free flow… Caddie add E… Patty whak a phatty track… Tag a toe… Tax a rack…
    reach for gold…Wack the front row… for wrinkling up cheers of the sex show..go go pay a visit… Pom pins on stunt road… Take her home…where is it… show us off… I flow off in The distance… freaks get lost with words… Token of a cherry… I have spoken barely… Clearly you here me with Lots to learn toss and turn… Price of Pie I could Charge a piece to each they’re owned I have shown… a color that glows… Gold I hold when her clothes flown off they know not the top… Strings keep rings on street kings… love can’t Wing a Bunny off money the tummy gets hungry fact for yummy… Loan her a loner… Boner dog rover mars stars show how high I flow…
    I teach a turn… Eat it up cookin something crooked… Look at The Nurses say they need a minute express concerns amongst young I’ve done hurt… I Roofie rookies looking at my Trophy scars… I’m blind at bat… Help me find a gat… I’m strapped for cash… Flash a dash of math… loved ones Passed away… The last one I loved,left me to play… Cray I go crayon some alone time… Token of a smoking spoken word…Roman a royal loyalty… I’m from the showmen…
    I Own up to knowing when its time… too shine… Go tend a hand I lend New friends plans bend grins…Send sand to Sam Card pulled pulling tricks so exquisite…
    Pulling pollen to powder my darling.. Dullen up my cuttyrolling up my sleeves….take ease…
    Please believe… I may squeeze… Day fees…Body bagging they freeze up on me… leaves get a grip on trip…lip the tip…she Slip a dip…2 Tip the flip…double up a hustle loveable… maple…Get it whipped… Painted up coated in candy.. your slip ya up quick… Dance slow ho’… I got mo’ tricks up my sleave…
    Than these street can keep G’z real and counterfeit… Count on me to teach you lesson..
    Give cred to My street… My feet fly high on beat..spit it fit I keep slick…
    Tag a toe while I sag to flip a bag at the sto’… Hope ya Get it kid… Float some hope…
    I Brag about a lolly gag…
    Throw some one a rose… when I flow… it$ bose … Tits hit home…
    Plow some snow up her nose… I Powder them Toes… Outcome her orgasms swept up a dorm of stars high on her cry… She cries for eyes… State at her more debt of success collateral her sweat is priceless. I struckMy dick is the only thing to paid in full I owe you are
    Proud of A louder high… I try to get her to go lower than what anyone’s known of her..
    slow to mow rug.. row some shag tow trow nerds birds and the bees… Cold wit the toes goes nosey nose… sitting your branches when they are sticking up near dear feeding on fear family ranches. Stick wit a go getta,
    Lyrics of pro hitta.
    Cut to the dough for the chase
    I Fucked the fed… I need to wed…merry the d.a. The way She Deep throated me slow

  2. You lit my view, I’m going crazy about you my baby , beauty shines in your presence…
    I got my Sights set on bright mode…
    I would like it if you could allow me too Follow your glow right home
    Highlights Lighten my load fly high while move to you…. You set the mood,

  3. 这曲像红酒,越品越香越醇。


    Check out what i did to this beat!

    @shark1220, bro can you put the download link please, this beat me inspirpou much, congratulations for the work, stays in peace!

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