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Jul 22 2012 | BPM: 107.00 | Producer: Tristan
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Bay area style club beat with whistles, synths, and booming drums.

Moods: Angry, Silly
Genres: Club, West Coast

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64 Feedback to “Slumpin'”

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    im going from croc to jacques hunter

  55. The best of Tristan,I got some awesome idea on ths beat.

  56. THis beat goes hard though!!! Where are you located?

  57. this one is amazing, i’ll be using it for sure.


  59. This beat is so dope… Respect! 5/5

  60. Perfect


  62. i’ve been waiting to be stoned enuff to use this one,dope beat.

  63. Jammin’ track. Is that a flanger effect on the high hats? I miss this type of music. I do think that a few more beats per minute and it would hit even harder. Excellent track. I hope you sell this one. It is worthy. Congrats.

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