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Do It Myself (With Hook)

Aug 12 2012 | BPM: 88.00 | Producer: Atomic Beats
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24 Feedback

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Inspiring beat, with orchestral elements and synths over bouncy drums. Hook by Dubbs.

Genres: East Coast, Pop, Urban

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24 Feedback to “Do It Myself (With Hook)”

  1. One of the best verses on this track
    i titled it as “Being Myself”… Loved this beat.

  2. hey please email me I’d like to buy this song and the hook (lyrics) to it.

    another one atomic beats you da man. You make slaps i’ll turn them into crack!!!! You gonna have to reach out to ya boy cause i;m killin this shit!!!

  4. Awesomeee!!!!! ^_^

  5. @Atomic Beats can y’al please put up the lyrics for the hook like i don’t understand some f the lines when he singing and would like to licence this beat thanks .. just type up the lyrics for me please thanks

  6. can y’all put the lyrics for the hook please ??

  7. Yo man…I have a nice local following, and it get even bigger with your help. The problem is…I have no budget. But I know we can work something out on the back end. I’ve been told I’m a great lyricist, and I have a live band. Check out some of our stuff. Man we can be the next Dr. Dre & Snoop, or Dr. Dre & Eminem. Let’s link up man. If I wasn’t so broke I would purchase exclusive rights to your music. But as I said…..I’m sure we can work something out on the back end. First off…..I’m about my business, so of course contracts would be involved. You wouldn’t get dicked out of your money. I’d see to it. You can contact me at Let’s make some magic together fam. Here are a couple of links to me and my band’s stuff. Let me know what you think even if you don’t want to work together. I’m a very serious artist though. Peace…

    @damafugginboss, Yeah your pretty good. But currently we can’t give you exclusives. Best we can do is some free leases…

    @Atomic Beats, Ok…Did you send me an email? If not, how can I reach you guys so we can discuss further?

  8. Love this…check out what I did with it so far…

    @jvill, nice man

  9. good song


    @erran, yea..

  10. Good to listen…

    @vikash kumar, its sleeping why listenin

  11. yai real shit man , can you post lyrics please?
    peace man

  12. hella nice!

  13. love the beat and the lyrics, but not feeling the nasally tone of the singer.


  15. Great hook, great beat.

  16. There you go your back:) Its your boy Rapper Jimmy James and i am feeling this track. I have made a few songs with you and this same singer. I enjoy making songs with both of you and feel all 3 of us have good chemistry together.

    Here is the first song i made with you and the singer
    Here is the second song i made with both of you
    Here is just a song i did alone with you

    I think i have something for this beat you just did and will purchase the un tag soon. Great job….

    @rapperjimmyjames, hey, sorry for the late reply… good to see our beats inspire you! you make great stuff with our beats, and we appreciate your support

    @Atomic Beats, nice beat nice hook ima put african on it

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