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Requiescat In Pace

Sep 26 2012 | BPM: 66.00 | Producer: Marsad Men
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12 Feedback

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Funeral march with bells, violins, timpanis and trumpets leading to an epic chorus.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Epic, Sad

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12 Feedback to “Requiescat In Pace”

  1. down ass beat man lovin the sound

  2. love this instrumental…just wish it didn’t have the “” disclaimer in it…especically during the intro.

  3. it’s amazing, props from Poland. You’re great!

  4. Appreciate the good looks everyone.

    @marsad men, One of my favorite beats on here, man. I’m a little confused about the arrangement, though. Are the beginning measures where it’s just percussion supposed to be a part of the verse?

    @esskater770, We indeed used a different structure than usual. The verse starts as soon as the strings kick in, with 12 bars (4×3). Then the chorus, and then the next verse kicks right when the chorus starts, even when there are no strings. Hope that was clear enough…

    @marsad men, Yep, thanks. The 12 bar verse structure threw me off

  5. I browse this site heavily. I make this comment rarely, but this is one of the best instrumentals up here. It’s on my top 10, good job.

  6. Another Epic Masterpiece in my opinion one of the best instrumentals on earth!

  7. sounds kinda arabic

  8. its really cool stuf …realy luv tis…. im like walking in to the dark ….. wow…thumbs up man

  9. dope

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