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Speed Of Light (With Hook)

Oct 04 2012 | BPM: 125.00 | Producer: Atomic Beats
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16 Feedback

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Electro-Pop beat, with catchy synths and driving bass in the verses, and piano, synths and guitar in the hook, over uptempo drums. Dubstep elements in the 3rd verse. Hook by Ashleigh Munn.

Genres: Club, Pop, Urban

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16 Feedback to “Speed Of Light (With Hook)”

  1. i need lyric

  2. interested in purchasing exclusives only. who is the singer on this hook? is this sampled material or is this royalty based through your studio? Contact me asap with more information. Thank you. - MVD

    @michaelvincentdavis, The chorus is pre-cleared and sang specifically for this beat. Credits are in the beat description.

  3. i really like this instrumental. the hook is perfect. it reminds me of a night of partyin with my friends. im definatly writing to this one.

  4. It’s a beautiful song and the chorus is done perfectly because it can be left up to the interpretation of the artist on the track..

  5. I like this beat and the hook…I definitly need to buy this one!!!!

  6. We actually drop our own chorus and verse to this beat. Though it’s in our native language, Tagalog. We are Filipinos. I like to give props to this beat, it’s really good. :)
    If you want to hear our verses and chorus on it, here you go.

    Though you may not understand it, but hope you still like it. The way we liked the beat. :) We titled it “Tropa” meaning, “Friends” on our song. :)
    More beats to come from Atomic Beats. Love it!

    @s2pidkaspr, oh my bad. I mean we titled it “Aming Tinig” meaning, “Our Voices” haha. But it is a song for our “Tropa” which is “Friends”. :P
    Too excited to leave a feedback, I typed it wrong.

  7. this beat is so amazing, with just only the hook and the beat itself you dance to it. i like this one.

  8. Very interesting beat. Not my style, but maybe I’ll try it))

  9. this entire song is just fantastic, I love all hooks from Ashleigh Munn, and this one is one of my favorites, the beat is amazing too

    @dillenleon, thanks a lot, glad you enjoyed it

  10. For those wondering, the lyrics are:

    Running at the speed of light
    Shooting stars can get me by
    We just keep it going cause it’s all night, all night

    Running at the speed of light
    Shooting stars can get me by
    We just keep it going cause it’s all night, all night long

    Running at the speed of light (x3)
    All night, all night long

  11. Awesome, hook is just fantastic!

    @dustindeider, thanks! we wanted to try something a little different this time, so it’s good to see you liked it

    @Atomic Beats,

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