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Smoke Break

Dec 03 2012 | BPM: 80.00 | Producer: hala-X
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17 Feedback

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Electric organ, piano, trumpets with soulfull vocal cuts laced on steady and slow drum pattern.

Genres: Underground

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17 Feedback to “Smoke Break”

  1. Аврора - торговая платформа, разработанная профессиональными трейдерами, для торговли на российских и американских рынках .


  3. yo on tha real what do you use your results are truly untouchable at the moment good shit

  4. Who ever bought this beat pleas put a link to your final creation. Always curious to know who bought out a beat i was planning on buying

  5. KOOL beats!!!!! ur beats r the truth HOMIE!!!!

  6. Aye wsup, your pretty Great on the Beat Maker. Did a mix to your Beat, here’s the link comment if you like it. but all rights and recognition go to you. Just simply wrote some lyric’s for my New Found Love of music. But I been writing for 6yrs and rapping for 5yrs. Bad ASS BEAT! PERIOD.

  7. If you need some good smoking muzik and U really aint up for a lot of situations right now?
    Then this is the song you need to listen.. Viewers are greatly appreciated leave a comment if you can. My name is Beat Khemist is this is my song ft. Yung Dub and TooSikk - My Brothers. - (instrumental - Dream Catcher prod. by Smoke)

  8. This is Steel City Red This Beat Is Fire Pimpin’ I wanna Jump On This Track and use it for a mixtape that i am gonna give away I will send you the song if you like it get at me you will be in the credits for the song and im a shout you out on the track. not that you need it cause this joint is H.O.T 4 Real pimpin. So Im a send You the track back and you let me know if you feelin it. It Will definitly be Just as hot as your track. Steel City Red Im Out.

  9. Man…U a BEAST ON THESE BEATS…iI have to do this one!

  10. Hi Hala, My name is Sixtin Bars, I’m a thirteen yr old rapper and I spit like a pro, I used your beat for my latest song called “90’s Baby” I think you’ll enjoy it VERY VERY VERY much. Please Listen, you wont be disappointed.

  11. You are God

    @mr. 99, Thanks ;)

  12. hala-X got that laid back mellow swag goin’. It’s a good place to be. I’ve been there. Love these tracks that just let you unwind and think of…. nothing. Just being. You know what I’m sayin? Tracks like these transform time and time stands still. Love it.

    @raparooot, That was the sole purpose of this one. To fade out a bit.

  13. So chillaxin and relaxed,awesome!

  14. Amazing… Just Flying Chill Monster…

  15. This reminds me of some old school J. Dilla or 9th Wonder type shit, super ill Hala!

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