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Save Me

Dec 20 2012 | BPM: 90.00 | Producer: Adamack
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11 Feedback

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Beautiful beat with piano chords, lead guitar melodies and strings. Includes bridge/breakdown section leading into the final hook.

Genres: Pop, Urban

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11 Feedback to “Save Me”

  1. To hell with heaven that ain’t the place for me…
    I’m Demonic as demons posses my kind of music
    . Rewind the beat and abuse it
    Remind the devil I’m on his level… Fire falls from high… Cries of confusions… Lies of silence
    Lights are sirens…

  2. ok

  3. here a lil demo.

  4. good i love

  5. Beautiful beat, Wanted to check with you if I could get hold of piano chords, lead guitar melodies and strings that you use thought to check with you if I had to do a remix?


  7. Really good ;) this beat im from germany i got an text from me for this :D

  8. Hey !

    The sound is a little jerky, you can export again?

  9. Why does it sound like there is skipping in it? Like it clips or the buffer rate was way too high.

  10. This is MUSIC! Very powerful. Excellent job!

  11. Man! Had been great if it had a J. Beale Hook. Yet Great…

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