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I Will Go (With Hook)

Feb 11 2013 | BPM: 95.00 | Producer: Atomic Beats
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35 Feedback

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Smooth pop beat, with mellow rhodes, piano and strings, over bouncy hip hop drums. Hook by Micki Consiglio.

Genres: Pop, R&B, Urban

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35 Feedback to “I Will Go (With Hook)”

  1. Here is the other whole song
    With you I left myself open and expose don’t worry this is the thing that I chose
    Wanting To be together and live as one Taking care of the things that need to get done
    Remembering there’s always time for some fun missing the times when I called you my hun
    Missing the way you make me feel so complete, how can i tell you the way I feel for u it’s unique
    I can’t put my feelings into these words cause I’m afraid of what happens afterwards
    I want it to be perfect with no mistakes ll want to tell you everything with out any breaks
    Holding u so close whispering in you ear that you don’t have anything that you need fear
    That everything will be fine in do time I’ll make you mine cause your one off a kind

    I will go to any length to show you what I mean cause baby girl you know your my queen
    Your the one thats always been in my dreams why is it so hard to do I can’t even breath
    What burns deep inside has just been set free by your touch yo how can that be
    This Feels to much like destine for me having you makes me so blessed I see
    Cause your the one that tells me i found my calling. She the one that keeps me from falling
    When i walk thought the door and look what got. Your sitting there always looking so fucking hot
    Cause Every time I look into your eyes I get hypnotized by a beautifully lady that’s no lie
    Having you by my side and down for whatever happens we need is each other to get some satisfaction


    All We need to do is get away from these distractions baby do you have any questions
    My feelings for u are indestructible every time I want my words come out there inaudible
    How can this be cause i have so much to say maybe if I just let my music come to play
    To say the things that i want you to hear from the bottom of my heart making it so sincere
    By Making what we have into somethig special just know that together we can fight off the devil
    Just know your the only one I want to love we’ll be together in the times that are rough
    [X] we make one hell of a team that truly is unstoppable nothing is ever going to be Impossible
    For us to defeat and over come so lets take the plunge and have some fun

    Well I’m Kid C I’m A Minnesota Breed coming soon to the twin city’s MPLS 612 all the way though…..

  2. good

  3. I guess you should hire me for male hooks…i swear i can kill everything

  4. i need lyric!

  5. We made a song for this beat check diz out.

  6. so nice

  7. I’m new please help me out wth beats hip hop beats

  8. check out the song I did to this instrumental, better than any other versions!

    Hala @rvnsfan55, please I’m in need of hip hop underground beats I live at jhb steeldale plz help me out

  9. Hey Atomic, I have never got a beat with a hook since I do my own usually . I like it, but there is a lot of distortion in her recording, is that better in the wav file for 40.00?

  10. hell yeah

    @adolphe, hell yeah! lol Thx

  11. me da essa base

  12. @atomic Beats, i would like to ask where to buy? How to buy?

    @akaabo, Just click on buy licence button

    email me asap im not the riches man on earth but i do have some change to spend.
    bizniz email

  14. i love this

  15. Check this out and SUBSCRIBE!!!

  16. Hey I Cant use this beat I will give you the necessary promotion on sound cloud.

  17. Can’t stop listening to this dude, great work!

  18. Hello

  19. I’m definitely feeling the female vocals on here!

  20. @atomic beats, i just purchased a blanket licence for this track, but they arnt giving me a wav file or a licence certificate download in my account information, it says that i purchased the beat tho. i have the email and all the codes, but no DL links.. please help me out if you can, i already have the track done and im trying to send it into the radio station.

    @daegancarey, Please login and click My Account on the top right, then My Tracks to access your files.

  21. Check it out ^.^

  22. hi, I am from China. I love hiphop very much , but
    In China, however, no one can make so beautiful beat,so Please let me can use it.I’m going to go to a mixtape, I love the beats


  23. Can I used nonprofit ? in the youtube
    I’m Latino .

  24. Hi how have you been? I finished making my first album a few weeks ago. I will be starting my 2nd Album which i hope to make a hit song on this 2nd attempt. Allot of my songs where good on the 1st album but good does not work. I will consider this song to be a song on the 2nd album. I feel its very good and i’m not sure it will be a hit but a quality song to hear.

    @rapperjimmyjames, hi james.! i’m your big faaan..!!
    can you send me the link of your album.? :) :)

  25. I think its a really good hook it be cool if you gave us the name of the singer

    @knives239, lol.. lookk at this feedback.. now put your mouse on this feedback and move it up like 4 to 5 inches.. lol it says right under download and playlist.. “Hook by Micki Consiglio”

  26. here are the lyrics for the hook:

    Wherever you are I’ll Go (wo-ah-ah etc…)

    If you give me a second chance

    I will go (wo-ah-ah etc…)

    This time, I won’t run away

    So please don’t let me go

  27. Amazing.

    @Marsad Men, Oh thank You. This coming from another producer means alot

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