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Need Someone (With Hook)

Mar 13 2013 | BPM: 72.00 | Producer: Atomic Beats
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30 Feedback

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Slow emotional beat, with piano, acoustic guitars and strings, over powerful drums. Hook by Ashleigh Munn.

Genres: Pop, R&B, Urban

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30 Feedback to “Need Someone (With Hook)”

  1. !st verse…..I’m just saying why you always with the playing everytime I call your phone I get the lady and the tone WHAT! you ain’t got no time for me let me know instead of leading me on you got some dam nerves when we first started out it was all good, just moved in your town in your neighborhood you did everything possible to get with me send me flowers take me out I wasn’t easy but you were persistent I must admit it but at the time I really wasn’t with it it gone take more then that to impress me don’t play with me I’m not no muthafucking fling but thru it all you won my heart baby that’s why I’m not understanding the way that you are treating me what can I do to make this better how can I help I need someone get it together or nigga step…Hook

  2. This song version Rap Vietnamese of Rapper Karik with name “Ế” means “Alone” ;)


  3. So if I buy the exclusive to this, will this track be removed from here so no one else can buy it?? Great beat btw

  4. I like this track so much iam a dutch girl and i love to rap , i love to use this track , but i can’t buy it

  5. So can we download this amazing song and add lyrics to produce it ?

    @soontobefamous26, Yeah, you can check out the licensing options, and select the one that fits your needs (probably the blanket license), and add lyrics, make your song and sell it etc… Good to know you like the track!

  6. I just want to say It’s great
    Can I change it a little bit, and use it for a Song !?

    @n.g-t, if u lyk it

  7. I think you have a thing for making beats with hooks… I love the beat ‘I will go (With Hook)’ but you keep on getting better and better. You are really talented. God Bless

  8. this is fucking nice man..Im not new to SV,been listenting to SV since it was pretty much only HALA-X,ADp,Slantize and Adamack…and im stating this because Atomic Beats–you or yall are just fucking phenomenal.And for that matter-Shadowville in general has progressed beyond ANY production company ive ever encountered..Thank you SV for sticking together for the last 11years ive been listening to–like this chorus says “I cant do this on my own,no”

    @spadethegreatwhite, Thank You very much

  9. Can I use your beat for a son? Pls I really like it

  10. Shiii! I mean yo beats are awesome……n dis is like my favorite!

    @jooj, Thank you

  11. Nice…

  12. new comer to shadowville i am n so far this my favorite beat u did ya thang keep going

    @manny1920, Thank You

  13. hello, I have listened to all of your beats haha you are pretty good. I’m a young artist that has a voice and I’m wondering if I could get some lyrics for this song. Find me on twitter @NickRine. I would really like to use this beat. I love it.

    @regularnick, I can’t do this on my own, no
    I need someone for when I’m alone so
    Could you just pick up the phone, oh
    And tell me when you’ll be home

  14. Wow victory is taken, smh had no idea, I downloaded that song when u first put it up on shadowville, I’ve been sitting on this song since the end of 2011 and now it’s taken. Still I would like for you to check it out.

  15. Hey whatsup? My name is T Dot Viera and I’m a female rapper /writer. When I 1st heard your beats I was amazed because your beats are unique and elegant especially for a person like me. My manager and I are on shadowville all the time, I have servile songs right now I’m putting out my 1st mixtape/album and most of my songs are your beats, its like you know me and what I like. I would love for you to really take a listen to the songs I wrote to your beats and we will go from there. I promise you will be amazed and will won’t to produce all my music from here on. My manager email address is and his name is Rick. That’s only if you are interested to see what I have created with atomic beats. I did a song for victory check it out. Go to YouTube and type in treylyne, or t dot viera and it will pop up, if you like hit us up. Stay true and be blessed.

  16. The hook definitely makes the track sound amazing. I have a few beats with hooks myself that may impress you guys.

  17. too dope, i’m definitely doing something special to it.

  18. de que tema es el estribillo?

  19. lyrics ??

    @simo wld lblad, I can’t do this on my own, no
    I need someone for when I’m alone so
    Could you just pick up the phone, oh
    And tell me when you’ll be home

    @Atomic Beats, thx

  20. very well done beat and hook! excellent work once again atomic beats!

    @robby889, Thank You

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