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Rise of Defiance

Mar 26 2013 | BPM: 90.00 | Producer: Dansonn
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6 Feedback

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Aggressive choir shouts with fast paced, frantic strings.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Epic

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6 Feedback to “Rise of Defiance”

  1. did you size of my plants? Even Gravity gets amazed with my stance now lets set this place ablaze fire up the maze. put some smoke in the Air that defies where it stays to whom it may make stray away to shape clay. Play yay bowl nasal blessed to death yes its the Beauty of Giants, i have won the ultimate Prize eyes of A wize alliance. World wide teachers of defiance place bets Take sides Get served to lions widowmaker little taker give to the web networth spent as went to surf earth while i search 1st for a real bid n what a rap deal did . Tits no longer Hid from war I conqured her door now her lips get sid i got love for the glove swept up her pub I met a Wet dove i love give it upfor the kid Nibble kibble and bits eat odds and ends split brands with a blend of the bends favorite strands use to lift the gift to give again get it in to win.wind till ya tire when will ya inspire me i desire many trips news taken Plenty quick i flip scripts sacred acres makin acreage quit skipping money making hit and go get mo i miss skip to Slippin slips in slotsslips submits blips. bits of silence nerves hitwell deserved violence I keep

    @wontootrill@protonmail, linwey mini voice recorder in my temple the rf switch is hacker’s bs to thought process psy ops and targets justice criminal handbook gang stalkers manual is ruff with government torture against my property I write and recite. 1$o x good trip p crimes of a mime

  2. That’s for MCBG on the side calling out everybody.

  3. Think I’m gonna have to do something about this

  4. Yo Shadowville what’s up with you guys sponsoring booty rappers on the side calling people out with no flo and shit.

  5. epic shit.. 5/5..

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