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Cry For Me

May 02 2013 | BPM: 88.00 | Producer: The Unbeatables
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9 Feedback

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Emotional piano theme, orchestral strings, sad violins over soulful hip hop drums.

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9 Feedback to “Cry For Me”

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  4. Hi! I have used your beat. If you want to listen it, check out:


  5. Do you have a direct email?

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  7. - incredibly similar beat imo, but still outstanding !!! Peace

  8. this beat is literally amazing… tugs at my heartstrings..amazing beat dawg

  9. 1 Would they cry for me? I don’t think so

    2 see myself bleeding on the concrete, a soldier in defeat
    3 always wanted to be a general in control upfront heading for my destiny
    4 visions of mass tears questioning me if I still follow the same river
    5 shame hits ya when you stand still seeing hollow thoughts floating quiker
    6 being in quik sand is a bitch hu? Know where to walk in the path of wholeness
    7 overdosing boldness and arrogance can be ferocious
    8 i’ve chosen brutality and disclosure in the form of sweet smelling roses
    9 guns are not my ammo, my life a demo in hell it reeks repelling noses
    10 like doggs sniffing for clues, but the questions stuck in their heads
    11 overwelmed by fear of death ,everlasting burns that penetrates deeper than flesh

    12Would they cry for me? I don’t think so

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