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Jun 12 2013 | BPM: 80.00 | Producer: Evelution
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Leading dark bells with strings and brass sounds over hard hitting drums.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Epic

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9 Feedback to “Ghostrider”

  1. Well I baught a license for it too and im going to get paid from it shit u might even hear it good luck yall

  2. dope!

  3. the beat i purchased is called “i’ma do me”, produced by Nine Diamond. i sent an email and tried calling but have not yet received a respnse which is why i’m leaving a note here. please get back to me. thank you!

    @peteylee, Did you e-mail with your order #?

    @Slantize, still haven’t got back from Shadowville. tried calling again today too. i’ve purchased beats from here before with no problem. i bought the beat and have my order number but not the hq download. please let me know what’s up!

    @Slantize, i sent the order #, this is what i was sent earlier.
    Your order from is complete. Congratulations!

    For your records, here is the information about your order:

    Order Number: 23117
    Merchant Authorization ID: 3B699817FC960111A

    Order Items:

    BLANKET LEASE I\’ma Do Me $39.99
    ORDER TOTAL: $39.99

    @Slantize, i will do that right now boss!

    @peteylee, Instructions to retrieve your file has been emailed to you. Please check your inbox, thanks.

  4. peteylee (1 min ago)
    i recently purchased a blanket license for this beat without logging in. after making the payment with my credit card, i was unable to click the high quality download link. i was redirected to the main page. i was then sent an email to log in using my email address as my username. however, i was unable to log in with the given password. how may i get this beat i just bought? thank you.

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