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Just Not Today (With Hook)

Jul 21 2013 | BPM: 87.00 | Producer: Atomic Beats
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7 Feedback

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Feel-good pop beat, with live acoustic guitar and catchy keys over bouncy drums. Hook by Micki Consiglio.

Genres: Pop, R&B, Urban

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7 Feedback to “Just Not Today (With Hook)”

  1. Another great beat from Atomic Beats.
    Got pissed off at work, and when i got home, heard this beat and drop a one verse on it to express my opinion at work. It came out good for me at least.

    If you want to hear it so you could tell me how i did on your beat, i would appreciate it.

    I don’t really rap in English because my English is very limited as it is my second language, but i hope i did good with your beat. Awesome chorus!

  2. What is the name of the girl singing? I wanna put her name as a featuring artist when I include the producers name in the song title. Thank!


  3. Purchase the blanket lease today. Will email you a copy of the song once completed and recorded. Very well composed by the way…Thanks!

  4. i think that blank part is more likely “Some day i will let you say….”

  5. i need lyric

    @boq4599, Slow it down, let my feet touch the ground
    I know you want me but for goodness sake
    This is my decision to make
    Slow it down, there’s a time and place
    For what you wanna say
    Someday soon I’ll answer you
    Just Not Today

  6. Every time i notice that you have a new song uploaded i get excited to hear it. Some of the songs that you have been making lately can be improved and has not shown your real talent. Same for me as well on my rap making. However it does not change the fact that the talent is there. I want to thank you so much for this song you have done. I recently wrote a song and have been having the hardest time finding the perfect beat and hook. It was as if you made it for me. So i thank you for the great job and foundation you have given me. I will do my very best to bring out your music and let everyone hear the rap version. Wish me luck and will let you hear it when i am done. As always i will be supporting your hard work with a purchase sometime today. Great job my friend… I had made a song with you a few times you can visit you tube search ” Rapper Jimmy James ” the song i made with your beat is called ” Girl Do You Know ” by Rapper Jimmy James

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