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How Dare You

Mar 30 2010 | BPM: 84 | Producer: ADP
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20 Feedback

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Heavy drum and synth beat with a hypnotizing melody using saws, dance leads, and whistles.

Moods: Angry, Dark
Genres: Club

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20 Feedback to “How Dare You”

  1. Wow your website is estimated to be worth over twenty grand compared to’s being worth only two grand. I would think that it would be the other way around??


  2. @ zinn lol true story!!!!! this is the shit i love keep it up adp

  3. Oh, and the Dark Club beats is what i love, plenty of producers on here make inspirational beats, so if someone aint liking the dark club beats, then i suggest going to the left panel and clicking on inspirational

  4. i’m feelin this shit, not the hottest shit u ever came up with, but i’ve been fieindin for some ADP beats for bit so it’ll have to do for now lol

  5. i think its pretty damn sickk.

  6. Dope Beat ADP And Good I Look Foward To Hearing More Beats From You

  7. like it more and more homie i always feel your dark club beats if they are just right.. this is commercial ready but still able to be mid-wested lol nice

  8. im feelin this but adp has mad potential so its hard to say he couldve have done better

  9. haha ok fine I will make more time to make new beats

  10. Damn ADP, you promised you’ll come with the heat on your next beat after I criticized your last one but even after a long hiatus the results are very disappointing

  11. I love it

  12. Good strong sound! This way I am loving it

  13. good job ADP keep it up man. your shit does sound all the same. every beat sounds amazing bro!!!

  14. why you make all beats Dark??? Make someone happy or inspiring bro, doesnt funny always dark and sad…

  15. im diggin this shit its a thumper

  16. nothing
    just good ………………………………….

  17. Never.
    It sounds exactly how I figured it would.

  18. ^when can you pay me?

  19. $10 says I know exactly how this instrumental sounds before I even listen…

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