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Go Deep

Apr 02 2010 | BPM: 114 | Producer: Nine Diamond
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30 Feedback

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Great commercial jam with live guitar and catchy lead melody.

Moods: Happy, Relaxed, Sad
Genres: Club, Pop, R&B

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30 Feedback to “Go Deep”

  1. - buy zithromax 250mg capsules

  2. nooooo at first i was like damn dat it then it sped up Why!

  3. love this beat!!

  4. ima make a flow tho this

  5. How much for the beat? :)

  6. This beat is super dope. There’s no way another beat can top that one. Glad I leased it.

  7. Still Waiting For The Hook Version Fam lol

  8. i’ll download dis beat….thankz man

  9. Post The Hook Version Man

  10. I love this beat and i think i have one of the best versions of it check it out for yourself!!!

  11. omg im feeling ya

  12. this beats alright im not gonna lie or hate but this is alright sounds like hes on johnny julianos balls plus the mix needs work that crash is way too loud but its alright 2 outta 5 its nothing great.

  13. This is only amazing !
    I mean I’m a typical Old School fan , but this is only .. like I said
    It brings up emotions and let you about great things in life
    Thank you for this :D

  14. Hey infantry, your the one who is a retard and did not read my entire post. This beat is awesome and i really like it. Your out of your mind! Go back and read the post.

    Oh and by the way, change your name to infant.

  15. Hey infantry, your the one who is a retatd and did not read my entire post. This beat is awesome and i really like it. Your out of your mind! Go back and read the post.

  16. @infantry I Supose You Can Do Better

  17. @trishahaynes ur fukin retarded this beat is wack

  18. do you know WHO IS [ SASY MANKAN ] ? he is best of 6&8 music makers and singer . 6&8 is a genre of music . its for dance ! it’s happy and great genre . like as reggae ! i love reggae and 6&8 beats . but Shadowville beat makers dont make reggae and 6&8 beats .

  19. I’m not afraid of change lol… vybe has been using that transition forever and in this beat it sounds off to me.

  20. Not feeling this one…maybe next time

  21. Yo Nine Sick Ass Beat Can You Post It With The Hook To Man That Hook Was So Sick, Fuck What The Haters Say

  22. Shaheem: Complex beats? they do that already! there are plenty on this site, though complex is great, creating commerical beats can never be a bad thing. the transitions are awesome. People are afraid of change, they like to stick to what is familiar. creating a nice fresh approach is the way to go. This is the #1 site for truly best beats, and those who don’t know it yet, oh they will.

  23. beat’s alright. you should make more complex beats. 4/5

  24. Good beat… don’t like the transitions though.

  25. dude you are the best beat maker ill ever see on this web!! i almost want to buy ur every beat !! and this new beat!!!! OUSUM!!!! lov you bruu keep it upp!!

  26. Hey this is a great beat, and I probably would have bought it, but $1600, way too much for our budget.

  27. great drop

  28. You have a much different feel to your beats than the other Shadowville artists. If I had the voice or ability, I’d get on a lot of your tracks and sing turn it into an R&B thing, but, R&B isn’t my thing. Either way, I can appreciate this beat.

  29. nice beat :-)

    @nisbeth442, thats a tough beat :D

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