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This Beat Is Sick

Apr 06 2010 | BPM: 108 | Producer: hala-X
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35 Feedback

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A futuristic yet retro style beat using hypnotic synths and break like drums with chopped hook sample from Lady Gaga.

Moods: Dark, Frantic, Silly
Genres: Club, Pop, Urban

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35 Feedback to “This Beat Is Sick”

  1. this beat is sick

  2. let me download it

  3. this beat rich barh

  4. cool beat erm can i add sum lyrics to it please i really like the beat

  5. It tookkk awhile for this instrumental to grow on me, and fuckkk, it grew MONSTROUSLY.
    I am in love.
    I’ve been listening to this shit for hours.
    Great workkk of art.

  6. no comments….. 10/10

    all songs are from shadowville.
    Please check out this website an listen to the songs. O.G

  8. This beat is truly sick

  9. amazing man.

  10. This beat is sick, but with all the respect for and its customers, it is in a wrong place.. You have to contact through some manager (or God knows how) Gaga. With a rapper at the first verse and Gaga at the second one, this beat has any possibility to be her next big thing. Respect!

  11. Most original beat I’ve heard in months dude..for real. hahaha 5/5


  13. Title says all ..ajjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj

  14. This beat is sick. I’mma refrain from licensing though, I don’t wanna deal with getting the sample cleared :/

  15. Fucking fire man. Holy shit haha. 5/5!

  16. lady gaga?

  17. The only thing i can say:

    This Beat Is Sick!

  18. loool i reli wasnt expecting er 2 b on a sample i cud fuck wit te beat but without her at te begginin coy i am anti gaga hate the chich but beat is too dope..maybe u shud deepen her voice more have a GangsterGAGA haha

  19. To Zinn Its Artist Responisiblity To Clear The “Samples” This Is Dope Heard It Done A Few Times But Never Like This Haha

  20. HEll Yeah U dissapear fa a min and always come back hard!! 5/5 catchy synth BANGIN!! drums! and a freakd sample! works for me ima make this gangsta!

  21. shits fire man!~

  22. wow im blown away truly amazing, really got down on this one hala

  23. this beat is sick fucking hilarious was not expecting that lady gaga huh lol props homie

  24. wooow this is awesome Hala, how you make this?


  26. i read something earlier slantize posted about how it’s basically the responsibility of the person buying the beat to look into

  27. question is, if bought with sample, does the artist face a risk of a lawsuit? in other words, is the sample cleared? idc but other might. ill beat either way

  28. wow this is crazyy. prob be sold soon.

  29. Lovin This

  30. OH SHIT!!!!!!! The title of this beat fits it perfectly.. This beat is SICK!! haha.. You allways bring a fresh sound with your beats Hala and this is no acception.. Lovin’ this.. 5/5

  31. One thing about you X your always creative. but with doing that its always high risk thats why i f*** wit u nice beat 5 stars keep it up

  32. i listened to the first 5 seconds and dled it haha nice beatbro

  33. wow, shadowville samplin recent pop artist? I like. 5 stars from me.

  34. Funny man, five stars!


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