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Drinks Up (With Hook)

Apr 08 2010 | BPM: 76 | Producer: Adamack
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24 Feedback

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Club beat containing hard-hitting subs, expressive horns and a great vibe with a hook by Marka.

Genres: Club, Dirty South

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24 Feedback to “Drinks Up (With Hook)”

  1. Best track YeT!

  2. got this with out hook??

  3. Any 1 can tell me the exact lyrics? Adamack?

  4. what r the lyrics?? anywayz good beat!

  5. wow your good

  6. what r the lyrics for the hook?

  7. what song is the hook..?

  8. U DA BEST. DRINKS UP. My track comin soon.

  9. yo my dude any chance of u uploading just the beat? its a dogg ass beat 5 stars

  10. i like your style very much-great work -you best producer on shadoville- im sure-i like your works with high bpm and club,or near trance-so i wait for your future works

  11. CHEA! my fav producer comin wit hits all the fuckn time!! keep that shit cumin man! fuckn gorgeus ass beat ill destroy it

  12. This beat is very good. May I ask for lyrics from hook ? Sorry for my English, but I’m Czech.

  13. LilKir You Can Use Shadowvilles Beats For NON PROFIT USE Only So Have Fun Man, Had To Comment Again On This One Love It, No Doubt Adamack Has Some Of The Best Beats With Hooks So Does Nine Diamond Hope They Both Post Some More Hook Beats Soon!!!

  14. Hey Bro This Is Lil Kir, Hey Bro Can i Use this to record some verses On It

    all songs are from shadowville.
    Please check out this website an listen to the songs. O.G

  16. oh and adamack i think you should post lyrics with all the beats that comes with hook…its just a suggestion

  17. adamack probably has the best beats with hooks around..looking forward to more

  18. Dope Ass Beat And Hook You Need To Post That Valentine Beat With Hook On Here Man Its Crazy

  19. tight

  20. good beat, but u shud def. upload that star beat u got on your soundclick

  21. beat is deff thumpn! Guhd job

  22. Where u Been Adamack?? sick beat as alwayz! keep them beats and hooks comin!!

  23. not gonna lie like da hook , but not my type of music

  24. 5/5 Nice Beat

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