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Jan 31 2017 | BPM: 95.00 | Producer: 2Deep
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Westcoast style synths over uptempo drums.

Moods: Frantic, Happy

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One Feedback to “Wreckless”

  1. stock the bread… Chickens flock ahead… Eyes line up with smoke… I got her hopes up high.
    I write dope… get Lit wit a flick… imagine When I light up hope.. Hop high bunny jump rope…
    Gather round listen up close… I have Lost and found wives… So much action I’m live on prize eyes have Surrounded around wise sounds they love to watch how I rap… Wrote I spoke…the Crowd awoke up high on my smoke… Dimes line up coke… Times like this I wind up finding yoke… Walk on Shells … Break free of the note… Oh what A worthy one I wrote… A Fine line to cross to off someone and call it a loss… Save a spot can I watch
    line Totaled a royal due ette I’m ruellette… Spoiled a loyal girl you bet

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