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Nov 21 2017 | BPM: 61.00 | Producer: Dansonn
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Dark gangsta piano beat.

Moods: Angry, Dark

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One Feedback to “Shadows”

  1. Im the type you look the other way. Hit ya with the light Like no other way im kinda like a crook you could say I took you away when you looked at me. good lookin you look like You good at cookin. I got a hook to cook up put you in a pin up book write to slay like foreplay i Snook the shook who hook the cook lets play yay make money come my way may it funny me funny may only Other Way to weigh is point the way to wait. How many days to bait the hook i debate no escape figure 8 stay up late. Stray myself in shape One way no way to escape any of those holes in space. Clouds to brake im out in space my mountain is misplaced strafe to ape mode trail sight might take a slight bit to get you nice and lit take it right to ship let a bit hit tight stars they on the way Fight my way past right away that took that tooklight like today iTurn left m type to take ya life away like today.say ni dont like the way you looko go away not today i got a lot to slaynowadays days past since everything went !the way they say is fast. dont go backlook at the sparks this crooked tooken apart Dark as the marks on m!y hearth smart im told show my part with a heart of Gold with the will bet Silhouette fill wet hours till slept

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