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Birds In The Trap

Jul 21 2019 | BPM: 130.00 | Producer: 2Deep
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Bass heavy, modern style Hip Hop beat with keys and vox chants.

Moods: Dark, Inspiring, Sad
Genres: Gangsta, R&B, Urban

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2 Feedback to “Birds In The Trap”

  1. Two can coo whistle a whew deep out in space you flew…Trace a maze…
    I Pay my ways to get away in a daze when music plays

  2. i touch em up.
    glued to it
    hands get stuk
    fans hit fuk
    skip the drill
    nips to tuk
    tits to duck
    if the clits are quik 2 cluk
    sistah suka duk
    i mistah chuk a nuk
    quik 2 gut another good brother shux
    i turn her head like corner hand on the wheel i like her touch and feel she’s slippery when wet like a oil spill. all sorts of fun like a horse out the stable run in into the sun
    window of opportune fun what to do hunn

    hit the hills bill
    who real
    i push that play button

    make her say nothin fucken can’t sit still
    hit the hills bill
    who real
    I done been up and comin
    wonder where they went runnin too
    i fly so stunnin uuu
    why i’m so cunnin
    tis the time tru 4 chummin
    birds i summon
    whistle the word at someone else
    i flip dimes till chimes are humming
    wind chimes chumming while humming birds humming
    trip wit a trap i tip the till,
    quik wit a flip i flip the scrill
    real quik like a pistol whip i feel slick this is some ill shit ya
    i will spit it i steal get it in
    I make reels spin high while i take my time with my grinn
    slim with pickens gettins kittens on my dickens 2 stiffin up them chickens
    listen up4 visions of lust
    touching us up sounds tempting justas such too
    loosen you up wit a puff 2 adjust the distance it takes to get rough
    enough to toughen up her guts huff while i
    uppercut ya shawty booty wit my nuts
    lego’s she castle up away the day goes

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