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Jan 27 2020 | BPM: 145.00 | Producer: Ear 2 Tha Beat
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hauntings e pianos, dope melody patterns along with frantic trap drums and a heavy 808 bass

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2 Feedback to “Feelings”

  1. Blessed be the Hand of a pimp… Make her Say it loud. To the crowd.. …… First thing She do … The Lady Limp…simple She do ya proud..
    Oww bleed you out..While she Sings one out.. bring a drill she screwy chop the shop the muff of a huff smokes enough of us to puff rid of us a Cid a bus bin fill toys so looney have to bust manslaughter ous..
    flip her top Drop doses pop downers round of pouring sounds roaring ground storing orahs forming Powder on her cheeks…So Out of towners can eat before ya
    A Stand up speach… Campus freaks..Wobble down the Street.Sweet ass treat LessOns of sin.. Weapons of skin… Definition of to grin out of pleasure… What Says of her to my friend… measurement double up the d’z. 2 Cups of c’ the better weather… Cums when other women get her wetter… Fluidmove 4 ever Feathery leathery she says tickleme wit tips..Kill the map I trip Drill the trap… Till the newie go screwy… Flood blood get ghooey… fill the Gap I will kill a coo E my shells fell so well they flewy what to doey… Looking fooey…. I’m Truly High off how you knew me… Drunk on track…Crunk on crac I know of One who blew a d.u.i…. No liquor just my usual mixture mooey… Milky vile…Coo coo go make a movie… Crazy comes with fun…. Bunnies Run funny from me… Usually hop to polls and spin.. Eyes roll dicey
    Sunny side up…Money fried up I love a nymphomaniac floating soaking wet
    Her Pussy never dries up…
    Cheddar cheese she smile greedy… Eyes all beety… Call her a doll… She’ll pull strings…
    Play you like a puppet… Card puller go tuck it inn… Scrape cake lady friend…Take pace 1st date
    Dinner place… Center of her waist… Enter with my face… Vibrations shake orgasms taking flight a slight sight of space might Ace light of face my trade of how to cure the unsure of where we we’re…adventure for where my star

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