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Escape Pt.2

Oct 14 2020 | BPM: 70.00 | Producer: Dansonn
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Dark keys and vox chops over hard drums.

Moods: Dark, Sad
Genres: East Coast, Pop

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One Feedback to “Escape Pt.2”

  1. Light is a shadow I chase to Make my victory shine. Images hit home on time to Get lit I get fit for War terror to error. Scare her with a flare at your door. Look at there that’s the Look of love I wrote a book to Stare at my hooks are bare ass I swear to wear her hair up. Home it hit the pic she lit my mind fits it like her tits will fix it quick before it gets it self a sign. I swung a sword one more time. Eagles soar the skyline. Peace you may find some kind of shade to hide behind. Speak to the trees Wave at the wind like a wand Blindside the vibe upon entry wrong way they sent me the long way to a long line online you may follow my route I design a way out of my mind. Allow a hollowing out all of the years about my ears i figured out how to steer now I get to rewind my timeline. Now is the year I Look behind like I’m left in time I got light to find trace trails they shine all the way to a higher kind. Admire what’s fired up. I required lighters up. Don’t care if you Lit my flyers up. Spin my circle of flow I cycle my tires up

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