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Broken Mirror

Aug 09 2021 | BPM: 83.00 | Producer: 2Deep
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East Coast style beat with guitars and keys over Hip Hop drums.

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One Feedback to “Broken Mirror”

  1. yo Dear in the mirror. i feel just like’em.
    Oh deer me, i flee from the fear you see,
    listen here if you can’t beat em keep fighting them. hope floats son none get close to me so stop inviting them my friend i cut loose like i knife em twice wit slice i dice em nice shivelry free advice my city plenty of stage lights offerings of swords towards your doors scores for delivery. little words towards who ever it be. ahhw shux duck duck i’m not a goose. I learn from the dumb it’s fun for some to run to the bar. nature takes its course per bar bar none no reason here for the car to come. slim wit the pickens.I sin for my dickens dim till lit wit no game of chicken. i spark a quick flick to the wik of diligence. i got the skills to spill suspense and still dispence the will to get smoked burnt by the sun. static for others hopes to get poked with lightning my writing is ripening striking. i’m not the type to roos you a egg wishing i broke my leg broke while i beg for good. good god i could use a stroke of hope. I appear higher than you can jump. i get pumped reciting is inviting drumming while running. humming my i’m loving reading at my writing I’m stunning while i’m running through the wild. life’s a beauty, nudity of nature nurtures the virtue of your tru inner child. laugh as i smiled showing my style, flowing kn growing my flow all the while my type of zoo is a walk down the aisle makes us smile ear to ear. cheap as i appear to leap through the year. my speech will bring you here i;m still here i will rear end your fender. lit from a bender i render your steering clearing. life’s amazing i like the stage ing.
    my rage raising a perfect placing acing the test on tasting grazing grass is cash i stash and smash the dash make some ash mash while i mix dip you dash. flash at night, out of sight when lights flash too bright yeah i might write flight. type you like i’m eye 2 eye. a polite high flly like a kite. I peek at the height of lighti start to hop the hip. can’t watch this shit still not too sure of what i hear i’m disapearing steering clear. veering dearlings nearing ear rings dissapearing. zero fear no one near, sincerely as it appears open from here

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