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Contraband Pt.2

Dec 13 2021 | BPM: 140.00 | Producer: 2Deep
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Hard drill style beat with dark pianos, gated strings, and gliding 808s.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Epic

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6 Feedback to “Contraband Pt.2”

  1. Can’t call these kids thugs… They stay on the Bleachers. Roll the rug just for my sneakers. I Flow a walk through how I talk to these streets i wrote secretes they go for keeps. I Leave love outta my weeks. Strengthen up my seat. Lengthen up my speech. Teach whos in reach with wet shirts slip in enjoywit whats. Best meant try to meet meet set to seek if left to keep kinky rules rule the fools retreats. Geeks Where sluts and skanks frequently meet dead end signs on one way roads. A not so Lonely way home. Bases loaded. Quoted W.H.O. known. Devoted and in show too roam. My go to oh you flow low for gold slow so im told grow to get my words known earns shown if what learns you a Turn

    @won2trill, don’t really understand your lyrics…

    @lil brizzle,

    @won2trill, so your lyrics are about volcanoes?

  2. Holden stolen dreams I sold them screams. Nightmare frightening stares I love her mug. Its a drug when she gets mean show Love know a high from above my kind of dove push comes to shove even the dumb can hug

    @won2trill, lyrics don’t really make sense to me after “stares”.

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