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Jan 18 2022 | BPM: 85.00 | Producer: 2Deep
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Slow-paced Hip Hop beat with orchestral elements, haunting choirs, and epic drops.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Epic

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2 Feedback to “Assassination”

  1. There’s a hit out where the pretty liittle kitty hid out. She hides in her house a nice Fancy home All her lone hides her behind sun shine I did skid out towards hells doors skinning heads scalping skulls for good head beauty you truly die to wedwith a rewardwhere’s a war her Words wear a swordof her where abouts shadows Hide in her house fee fye for I don’t let her come out In the day games I figure out let the kitten play cat and mouse for a rainy day blood stains leed the way to church devil’s seed feed on prey they don’t need so I succeed lust on bust I go nuts for strays the get a graze strap to the stage

  2. Merc ya back work your act search the earth back and forth for the right torch fire lit the fort burnt the forest ashes fall fast on a flat surface I have learned first hand what I earned first hand up in smoke first plan. Artillery parts of bodies fill the sea. Till the season bloody treason rhyme of reason time I season each end. Practice preaching act of keeping em out of reach swept out the beach to sea deep as can be 2 deep they go hills are steep sheep keep home count the knomes Holm’s I roll em alone Rome in my dome kings see I’m known bleed bleed em out slow ocean they get to know pinch me out the dream I didn’t row head left a dent cement didn’t grow some body better let the cemetery know who the grim reaper owed stake my claims false lames head games IOUs brain change blood stains flood gain a way to pay tithes split hided flip eyes wide shut river mouth decides to open up for a spawn on my cut slice them up lights lit the fuck up height hit duck when a nun got chucked into chuck someone’s name got checked stages are a delight frightened faced gaze at my sight place of life ace of mic makes her taste the knife show you how to waste wife let her baste right aren’t we fucking funny type laugh when they run from a mummy wit a chain gun. Don’t let the pain get shun aim to let the sun drain rays burn away strays

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