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Apr 30 2010 | BPM: 120 | Producer: Adamack
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13 Feedback

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Beat with moving synths, catchy melodies and beautiful string sections. Could be used as a pop, r&b, or hip hop track.

Genres: Club, Pop, R&B

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13 Feedback to “Begging”

    welcome to web beat irani
    من یه اهنگساز 18 ساله سبک رپ همستم
    اگه میخاید اهنگامو بشنوسید لطفا به وبلاگم یه سر بزنید

  2. Cazzo! I have to buy this beat!!! How I can???

  3. yo bruh this is like real hot man. keep on doin wat you doin and God bless.

  4. ima rapper can i use this beat

  5. 5 stars like the sound that you use in the beat for me is very original waiting for same levels or better beats for you congrats you have one fan here ; )

  6. all your works not boring - more of them are great works - i liked to know where are you from or whats your location? if you saw my quse.. please answer

  7. i’d like to see new beat from you every day -but know its impposible -so since now i will wait for future work

  8. good work- near to somone timbaland beat -anyway nice -

  9. Sounds Like Something JR Would Make Haha Dope Shit Man

  10. Nice. Keep it up. Reminds me of a Timbaland beat.

  11. mwtrboy dnt kno wat he talkin bout this shit is crack them drums is crackin and i like the way it changes up good shit

  12. extra wack. not original @ all. step it up

  13. Such a sick beat 10/10

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