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Full Metal Jacket

May 05 2010 | BPM: 85 | Producer: 2Deep
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11 Feedback

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Heavy rock sounds with frantic synths over slow grimey acoustic drums.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Frantic

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11 Feedback to “Full Metal Jacket”

  1. check out this rap i put on this track… the songs called anybody killa..,. CHEERS

  2. wykurwiony w kosmos!:D

  3. can i donwload it

  4. illacist your a dick rider you fag. learn how to actually analzye music and not just get all wet over every lame little beat. yah 2deeps sick but not everything he makes is a hit. a real producer is diverse and doesnt just put the same kick snare over a different sample. 2deep your sick but gotta change it up here and there. i aint a hater its just some people dont know shit about music.

  5. infantry : Your just a fool who dont know how to appreciate a sick beat and why shud a producer be Versatile if hes good at what he does he shud just get better at it thats 2Deeps Style..u dont hear Dj Premier going out making wack club beats do u..2Deep dont listen 2 this clown he just wudnt know how to ride a sick beat like this!..


  7. i think beat quality wasnt good -but its good work - make a uptempo with wonderfull flute melody beat will excellent for next time

  8. look i aint n0 h8r i give props when due but dis beat is at best ok, nuttin great 2 it i dnt know wut these foos r talkin bout. main samp is repetitive n annoying n da drums r beyond weak da kick is flat n snare sounds dry n stock. i like most of 2deeps shyt he usually picks nice samps but his shyt alwayz sounds da same 2 me i thnk he needs 2 step it up n switch it up here n there show sum diversity u cnt be a one dimensional producer u gtta b versitile

  9. 5/5, ima murder it

  10. ITs been a whilee man!..and Damn i am deffintly downloading this!..2Deep ur a fucking genius! glad u put a Rock sound to it sounds sick!..

  11. sooo sick

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