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Star (With Hook)

May 08 2010 | BPM: 76 | Producer: Adamack
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36 Feedback

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Melodic beat with grinding saws, catchy synths, and 808 drums. Hook by Marka.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Frantic

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36 Feedback to “Star (With Hook)”

  1. Hey check out my song wit dis beat. It juust might take home the gold for the most perverted rap song of the year. Jailbait girlfriends: Twice the thrill of an affair, and you aint gotta cheat. haha
    dats what dis tracks about

  2. how come this beat comes only with hook? theres no other version wit out hook.

  3. best producer on this whole damn site!!!! I know its meant for a rapper BUT imma singer and im about to go in on this beat!!

  4. The BEST version of this song you’ll EVER hear !!!
    Giants !!!

    @bigbigga, yours is fresh bro, but mines fresher haha Eminem prolly wouldn’t say what i say in dis. xD hahahaha (i’ll be rerecording it soon cuz i got new equipment so i can make it sound better) quality is ight but it’s not the absolute best sound quality, i flow it sick and the shit i spit about is… sick hahahaha

  5. Beats fire. I recorded a track to it last night!!!

  6. Fffffffffffffffuck,I’m gonna do a damage with dis one.u are a star ma man…..

  7. nice but no one use paidgers no more

    @bigt33, what he say in the beat ??

  8. check out my version.

    @suvenir, what he say in the beat ???

    feedback appreciated.

    @joshyfelixo, what he say in the beat ??,,,

  10. ay whats the hook lyric???????? reply asap..

  11. nice beat keep up the good work

    @theeagle, what he say in the beat ??….


    Me and a buddy of mine just did this track (Sick in my opinion)

  13. @yungk1ng21

    That was terrible, like WTF was up with the wierd HAHA’S at the begining, im soprry but terrible.

    Im not the best or anything but really…

  14. adamack has easily the best most profesh beats on shadowville. sick shit for sures.

  15. I freaked this beat LOL

  16. for next time uptempo work seems good- you make excellent club dance beats,

  17. mabye is better to tell you superstar producer ,yeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaa
    really hot,great -not only this beat ,all your works are great,excellent 20/20


  19. It’s pretty Ill for this kind of music. I’ve heard that same hook on like 3 other beats before though. LOL.. that dude sell his hooks (the same hooks) to everyone?!

  20. this hook is wack.

  21. It’s never mainstream to say “I’m A GOD DAMN star.” If it is then I will never like mainstream. You’re better than this ADAMACK. The beats allright but you are way better than that crappy hook.

  22. Beat’s sick but I’m not feeling the mainstream hook. Without the hook it’d be more my style. Still great work though.

  23. defently put my valentine with hook on here its your best hook beat bro, but this is sick i almost wrote to this before but nice work now i may your very versatile man fuck the haters put out all generes artist step up ya game and learn how to do more than one type of tracks no dissin attended just sicking of the whineing theres no there style beats you can make any beat your style if you can work it right, anyways sick beat man and please post my valentine w hook lol

  24. yeah seriously dont waste ur time posting….this shit is hot…all adamacks beat are hot..if it aint your taste then just wait for the next track to drop..5/5

  25. thanks for puttin this on here, its super dope lol 5/5. i already wrote a track to it.. you should put that my valentine on here too lol

  26. if you didnt like it, why the fuck did you take the time to write a message to tell people, obviously some people like the beats or they wouldnt be getting bought, i dont see why all music genres can’t exist on shadowville too many ignorant people

  27. think i jus threw up in my mouth a little bit…whack. so tired of these poppy bullshit beats everyone’s droppin, what happened to real hip hop

  28. and if you just checkout you would find more hooks

  29. nine diamond has the same guy on most of his hooks too ^^ stupid comments

  30. Damn.. hot beat and hook.. adamack does the damn thing.. he should be the only one droppin hooks on this site.. Real RAp

  31. Nice I Like This Beat…Hook..Just Perfect!! Keep Up The Good Work…

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