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Through The Struggle

May 25 2010 | BPM: 72 | Producer: Adamack
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Motivational beat with triumphant horns and strings over a southern tempo.

Moods: Epic, Inspiring
Genres: Dirty South

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10 Feedback to “Through The Struggle”


    Checkk it out!!! I think a made a good job to it!! great beats you make!!!!!!

  2. Adamack u got it all, what a sick beat man!!!!!

  3. This is really amazing… 5/5

  4. kinda sad 5/5

  5. Adam -

    This is a dope joint son. The drum pattern is kind’a simple, which will cause for a slow spit/delivery, but it works. Not sure if the symbols can be turned up a bit or not, but eh…. I like the ’sample’ alot….chick is doing her thing. Overall, I think this is a great Track, and everything works together well. 9/10


  6. yo i need you to do me a favor you think you can stretch that instrumental 16 more bars
    i got somethin tight as f*** for that but i need it to be bigger

  7. Really nice, super deep beat with nice emotional progression and nice steady knocking drums, bassline sounds good, only thing thats kinda eh is the little whistle. not feeling it but the brass sounds nice when it comes in. definatley like 9/10

  8. what a great beat homie……. …fantastic…..keep it up

  9. i liked but it´s so sad…

  10. 10/10

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