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The Verdict

Jun 01 2010 | BPM: 95 | Producer: Adamack
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15 Feedback

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Hip hop beat with a mysterious sounding piano melody, strings, DJ cuts, and raw drums.

Moods: Dark, Inspiring, Sad

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15 Feedback to “The Verdict”

  1. i think tha i’m gona buy this beat it is so lovely!!

  2. This is pure fire. Love it!

    I think i did a good job on this song tell me what you think HOLLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. i loved using this beat! it’s a hit in brighton! check out Wonderland would appreciate any feedback

  5. well its been a good minute since i’ve even posted a comment… which says it all! Now this is a beat! digging it.

  6. Good Beat Adamacc.. i can see that ur a well rounded producer…

  7. loved it… real different from admark… always liked ur beats, they’r so complex yet so calming… great work man… even the scratch sounds like ti ssinging

  8. wyaland…the vinyl sounds is great i think…it add a lil ‘’sampling” taste to the beat

  9. i like the beat…
    but u should leave the vinyl-sounds away…
    if i wanted vinyl or other noise in my beat i would buy me a cheap mic

  10. you done great works - i prefer you to use piano more in your works -and we wanna see more diffrent works -club -undergrand -pop….
    your 20

  11. really nice piano- and great drums -@damack
    but the beat quality was low

  12. your best beat by far, 5/5
    recently i think all of the producers have stepped it up

  13. this beat is dirty

  14. Epic, nice! This is the 1st Adamack beat I luv. :)

  15. best beat of shadowville … :) respect ^^

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