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Living To Die

Jun 03 2010 | BPM: 93 | Producer: The Unbeatables
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28 Feedback

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Soft, sad piano and strings with a deep melodic bassline and underground sounding drums.

Moods: Sad, Soulful
Genres: Underground

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28 Feedback to “Living To Die”

  1.–_4 ;)

  2. Mmmm…

  3. @wjwibibegb I never said it was my own work, you dumb fuck. You seriously fail. So please, go fuck yourself. By the way, if you really had any guts you would simply say who you were so you and I could talk this out IRL, but you’re too scared to do that, pussy. :D
    Anyway, I love this track and my biggest respect to the original producers of it :)

  4. a fat dutch kid stole this and made a very bad rap out of it. this is his twitter where he presents the work as his own:


  6. Yo Dude.. My Broz Just Mudered This Beat They Even Had a Chick 2 Make A Hook.. Id Show Yu But idunno Know How..

  7. fdf

  8. Hey everyone in the comment box…it’s not a copy, this definitely has differences from Once In A While. They just both sample I’d Be So Happy by 3 Dog Night. I REALLY like this…got two verses out of me flowing as fast as I could say them, amazing.

  9. WoW amazing beat…. nice man !!!

  10. im writing luyrics down to this

  11. apenaaaa estaaaa wapaaaaaa

  12. fellas thats once in a while of akon if u r looking for the og



  15. hot beat!

  16. i heard this and was like king syze!!! lol it took a long time comming king syze went from most underrated to most anticipated lol but yah half these people on here are dumbfucks who dont know shit about music or sampling!! there the same samples how retarted can people get??really? come on

  17. y’all are talking about n Akon sample? man, this is a sad world we live in. i haven’t heard the Akon thing but, it’s also a sample of King Syze Nonbeliever, this is a sad world because all of you know of some lame radio gimmick like Akon’s song n nobody noticed it was a King Syze sample too…wake up people, check out somethin real instead of the radio (n don’t get all pissy if this comment doesn’t apply to you)

  18. Some of yall are cornballs, lol. Its the same sample, and in our version theres instruments played ON TOP of the sample… c’monn, lol. How many times must we go through this situation people??? xD


    No comment! :P

  20. This is most definitly once in a while by akon… Originality would be nice.

  21. this sounds like Once in a while - akon to me, doesnt sound that original but very nice beat still

  22. so0o hot..ill download dis beat man thank

  23. pure copy of “kool shen - un ange dans le ciel” (french rapper)..
    no comment

  24. foda esse beat, faz mais underground ae ;]

  25. very good brĂ²

  26. man thats a booooring beat. shiit. i almost couldt open my eyes after listening to this

    @2b, check my track on this beat plz yall and like the page

  27. King Syze - Nonbeliever…right? still, really dope track i’m a big king syze fan so 5/5

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