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Not Gonna Let You Go (With Hook)

Jun 05 2010 | BPM: 94 | Producer: Nine Diamond
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38 Feedback

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Heartfelt R&B song with gated synths and electric guitar. Hook by John Michaels.

Genres: Club, Pop, R&B

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38 Feedback to “Not Gonna Let You Go (With Hook)”

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  2. Check it out! “Not Gonna Let You Go” LEAK by KING E!


  3. Started the week with a double post First time ever for Jimmy rock live Rap to urban folk and my jam to not gonna let you go check it out and stay in touch thanks
    Pass The Peace
    Jimmy Rock ” Back To The Stone(r) Age

    @jimmyrock, CHECK IT OUT ON YOUTUBE THANKS : ) : )

  4. Man you have a great voice 10 thumbs up I did a really cool jam to your beat I’m just waiting on a artist to finish their part then I’lll let you know when it’s posted. thanks for your hard work, time and sick beat to mess around with… interesting style to I like how long the hook is I could see that going both ways and flopping but you killed it good job dude great sound : )

  5. what does John say in the hook it’s not clear plz put on the lyrics

  6. good

    Sound good!!!
    Nice beat :)

  8. Could I use this as a beat for a live show, It’s not profit, and I will give credit to you

  9. Nice beat :)

  10. u’z a beast real talk tho.

  11. This is Pro shit! Best thing I’ve heard here yet!

  12. yo any1 know how i can link nine diamond a.s.a.p?? yo hit me up blud we need to deal with some business…

  13. excelente mi hermano this beat is the crazy i like me

  14. Sick beat!! This is my final piece to Not Gonna Let You Go. Jets!

  15. Hey Nine Diamond could you email me or something…i need you to do something for me bro…this beat is real good no doubt

  16. Hey Nine Diamond, This track is ill bro…check out what I did with it bro…im sure you will love it…

  17. Hello Nine Diamond, I love this track!!!!!!!!! It’s my first track made proffesionally but certainly not my last. Tell me what you think about it please.

  18. Nine Diamond, I havent posted the song yet but I want you to know it goes hard! I want to take this to a mixer and have it sounding even better, let me know whenever you want to hear it just contact me at or I can contact you.. please save this song for me, I want to put this on my album I’m working on right now..

  19. Already wrote to this song, Nine Diamond please contact me at so I can talk to you about this amazing beat you layed down.

  20. dis hot rite i hear dude talkin bout a girl but it kan be serious then a girl IM BOUT TO WRITE TO IT

  21. Lyrics please

  22. Plan c, im from denmark to, try to write this one in english, you have such freedom on this one

  23. I don’t like getting beats with hooks in it and I know some of you don’t either.

  24. really sick beat. i wrote a song for my girlfriend using this beat. wish i had enough money to purchase it.

  25. yah beatz r clean but you str8 kill tha whole beat wit dem sorry ass hookz homie step it up carnal

  26. write words, please

  27. i need a lyrics from the hook please :p some word i can’t hear it clearly

  28. from the beat to hook and concept, its hot!!

  29. I’m actually gonna purchase this beat..Y’ll back off, need to sort my paypal out n this bitch is mine

  30. siktirin gidin :D

  31. Dope-ness Nine… I really like your work. Always checking for you… Keep up the great work!!


    Maceo Tha GrammarGod

  32. and to plain c actually i think that maybe kinda sick haha never heard something like that i know people who would throw in a couple a spanish bars and it comes out sick to me at leadst ggoogle gabriel antonio he does it

  33. This Is Real Hot Shadowville Really Been Steppin Up There Gamne Posting Only Grade A Shit Nice R&B Hit Here

  34. Fire beat. But. Im from Denmark, and it sounds kinda odd with english on the chorus and danish on the bars..

  35. I think it’s better without the hook, but still a nice beat main!
    Thumps up!

  36. I lyke this beat…n yea it wud porb. be better without the hook…still good though…=))

  37. Pure fire but i would love it if u put up a version without the hook so my song doesnt sound like everybody else’s

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