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We On The Rise

Jun 15 2010 | BPM: 75 | Producer: Nine Diamond
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15 Feedback

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Southern beat with heavy brass hits and high pitched whining synths.

Moods: Angry, Dark

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15 Feedback to “We On The Rise”

  1. this shits sick bro. i would buy the song right now but i dont have 700 dollars to just throw around. :(

  2. respect for all shadowvile producers,they make very good beats,and they help rapers who are tryin to make something out of themselves,big respect fo all yo:)

  3. made a song with this hope das ok
    this is da sickest beat ever
    ur da best!!!

  4. this joint and the greatest joint ya just did is hot shit man check what i did for this song lemme know if you feel it

  5. this shit is hot bra no doubt bout it smoking a blunt and listening to ur shyt

  6. Does anyone know how to reach nine diamond. Please have him email me at it is about one of his beats.

    Thanks so much

  7. Nice beat homie


  9. Respect .. i like it a lot ;)

  10. this shit go hard as a mufucka homie keep up the shit

  11. OUT OF 10 DI$ A 20 GOOD $HYT

  12. very simple and unoriginal 3/5

  13. One of the better beats on this sight good Shit son

  14. fire!!!! my favorite beat from you so far. keep it up!

  15. GREAT!

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