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Think Twice

Jun 19 2010 | BPM: 90 | Producer: The Unbeatables
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12 Feedback

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Piano and pizzicato and synth strings over grimey drums.

Moods: Dark, Sad

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12 Feedback to “Think Twice”

  1. the piano sounds way to similar to the tupac song street fame if you havent heard it then check it out…

  2. sh*ts dope man keep @ it

  3. sorry mistake the remake of that song not the original

  4. sounds like a tu pac beat (ride on our enemy’s) say keyboard pattern

  5. Good =)

  6. good

  7. nice beat

  8. Ya i agree the last few beats havent been liven up to the past ones.
    I’m actually going other placces for instrumentals as of late

  9. i like everything except the drum, maybe if u had put a fast paced cracking snare with a lil reverb, that might work, im not really feeling the drums, it needs that crack snare, not sure of the actual name of it though.

  10. Raparoot, the music professional everybody.. lol..

  11. You guys are rushing product. This song is not even in your top 10. Please don’t rush product to please the masses. We need quality and this track ain’t even close. Sorry. Just my honest opinion. Think original and quality. Original and quality. Say it with me…… Originality and QU?ALITY. Get it? Got it? Good.

  12. very nice beat, gets a bit too repetitive, but nice beat still, 4/5

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